Thursday, September 20, 2007

How to Name a Blog

I've discovered that naming a blog is a lot like naming a child. You don't want it to get made fun of once everyone meets it. You don't want it to sound ordinary or too extraordinary. So many factors to consider. In the end, we went with something that made no sense and made us laugh: Brain Jail. Enjoy.

For the origins of Brain Jail, see this video clip:

2 Wisecracks:

Peterson's said...

You are so original -- I didn't even think of trying to name our blog something cool. Maybe I should reconsider the title "Jami and her boys . . . "

Michael said...

This is not Mike - all posts from Allie until I get my own account. You need an account for every thing these days, btw. But of course, I'm not blaming you.

I love the name Brain Jail. It sounds like a Band. Give the kids a few years and produce an album. I'd wear a Brain Jail t-shirt, but probably couldn't afford concert tickets.