Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chloe Belle of the Birthday Ball

My friend Jami tagged me on her blog. Apparently I'm supposed to write seven fascinating facts about myself on my blog and then tag other people. I've been wracking my brain all week to try and come up with seven fascinating facts. I think it's the word "fascinating" that has me struggling. I'm many things, but fascinating is not one of them. This past week, Chloe turned two. I find her incredibly fascinating, so I'm going to pretend Jami tagged her and tell you what makes her so cool.

1. While I was in labor with Chloe I listened to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" to get myself psyched up for the delivery. Thus began her love for hip-hop. Her favorite song is House of Pain's "Jump Around."

2. Chloe Belle is named after a wonderful 91 year-old woman that Jeff and I have known for many years. When I was a teenager, I heard that her full name is Chloe Belle Hodge. I thought it sounded so sweet and Southern and even though it also sounded kind of French I put it on my list of future girl baby names. That's the only name that ever made it on the list.
3. Up until about three weeks ago, she referred to Harrison as "Sis." I just think it's funny.

4. At around four months old, she started sleeping with a stuffed zebra on her face. Since she and Mr. Zebra have been spending so much time together, all of his hair has fallen out, his legs and tail have all been reattached, and he's gone blind. I don't know why he takes this abuse.
5. The girl loves clothes. She'll become attached to certain articles of clothing and wear them for a week straight. Last year she was a chicken for Halloween. She used to wear just the pants from that costume a couple of times a week.

6. She won't leave the house without something soft. Usually it's a choice between her blankie, Mr. Zebra, or her stuffed panda Coco Pup. Friends know Mr. Zebra and Coco Pup by name.

7. Of the twenty grandchildren on both sides of our family, Chloe is the only redheaded girl. (My friend Chelsea says redheads will be extinct by the year 2100.)

Here's a video of our sweet two-year-old birthday girl. (To activate this video, click on the movie screen and then click on the play button.)

5 Wisecracks:

Peterson's said...

thanks for playing melissa and chloe! and happy birthday chloe! we hope you had a great day!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Chloe! I loved reading all the things about Chloe--she's wonderful!

Nicole said...

Where is the video?! I don't see a movie screen and I need to watch the Chloe movie! She is so sweet - especially to need something soft in order to leave the house. Even if it is a stinky zebra.

melissa said...

Boo. For some reason the video appears in preview but not in the actualy view. Totally uncool and I've tried to fix it, but had no success. Sorry, dudes.

Grandma Win said...

Loved Chloes's life story. What a cutie! Her personality just shines!

Couldn't get the video clip but loved the slide show

Have a happy Thanksgiving. (Enjoy those Yams!!!!!! LOTS of butter and brown sugar!!!!!!!)

Lov ya,

Grandma Win