Wednesday, December 19, 2007

10 Joys of Christmas

This holiday season has been filled with joy and fun. Here are a few things that have warmed my cold December days.

1. The Countdown to Christmas Chain. I made a paper chain for the kids and on each day I wrote something fun to do. (Ex. make gingerbread cookies, mail Christmas cards, give toys away to other kids, watch a Christmas movie together, . . . ) They love having a fun surprise every day and I love getting all of my Christmas business done.

2. This picture my mom gave me of my days as a swimsuit model.

3. "Enchanted." I've never seen a more adorable movie. I was giddy with happiness for days afterward. The best part was that Jeff loved it, too!

4. Making Candy. Last year I started a tradition of making candy for neighbors and friends. I always think this is going to be a fun thing for us to do as a family, but then I end up banishing everyone from the kitchen so nobody dies. This year we made toffee, buckeyes, and caramels. I think they weren't gross.

5. Chloe's catchphrases. As her vocabulary continues to grow, she continues to make us laugh. Some words that start with "w" she begins with an "m." So when she tells us she wants something, it sounds more like, "I mah some." (I'm Awesome.) The other day she told Jeff she loved him. He said, "I love you more." She said, "I not More, I Chloe."

6. The Writer's Strike. At last I can start suffering and write that symphony.

7. Christmas music. Whether it's Bing's "White Christmas" or Wham's "Last Christmas," this season is filled with memorable ditties.

8. Harrison changing his mind yesterday about wanting Bob the Builder toys from Santa. Nice.

9. Jeff on vacation! He's taking Step 2 of his medical boards on Thursday, so technically vacation hasn't started, yet. But he hasn't been traveling and it's been great having him home more.

10. Family. Friends. Deck them halls and all that stuff.

3 Wisecracks:

Nicole said...

How did you know one of my favorite things is a Top 10 List? Merry Christmas to me.

Chelsea Monet said...

You are so clever. Your blog should win an award.

Kristi said...

Um, so your candy was delicous. I need the recipes. All of them. Seriously.