Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Group #2: Beach Bums

We adults spent our days swimming, playing, talking, reading, walking, eating, and napping.  Ah, the beach!  I want to go back to there.

Scott and Melanie

The only picture I have of Aubrie not in a swimsuit (You're welcome, Aubrie.) and Pops in his natural habitat.

Remember that time all the men in the family were out on the deck shootin' the breeze and I thought, "What a great picture." and then I took my camera outside and Ted looked at me like he was a psycho killer?  Memories . . .

Here are Patti and her father, Eddie.  Grandma Win was there, too, but she had a reaction to some medication and was all swollen and oozing puss, so I didn't take a picture of her.  (You're welcome.)

Isn't my husband adorable at the beach?  I have the cutest picture of him flying a kite in his swimsuit, but he says he looks naked and that's inappropriate.  Sorry, folks.  Jeff has spoken.

7 Wisecracks:

Melanie said...

Snicker, Snicker, Snickee! Sorry Jeff...Unfortunately for you, I don't have to listen when you have spoken! :) Hehe, but, Melissa did have her camera more often and probably has some pretty interesting shots of me (see picture #1), even if they aren't in swim attire. Ah, if only I could be as talented as Melissa....and as brave to have my camera with me all of the time. Good Egg, Melissa!

allyn said...

you really do catch some awesome shots. i really like that you are reflected in jeff's glasses. you look too adorable in your suit.

Chelsea Monet said...

I like the photo of your reflection in Jeff's glasses.

and I have been looking for good swimming suit for months and there it is--on you--in that photo. Where did you get it?

melissa said...

Thanks, Chelsea! I really like my swimsuit. I bought it online from Shade Clothing company a few years ago. Here's a link to the top:

(It's a tankini and I bought the slimming bottom, which I was hoping would take off 20 lbs, but no such luck.)

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

I am jealous of TWO things.
1.) Your swim suit is too cute.
2.) You have an even coverage of freckles up your arm and shoulders. I have a freckle farmer’s tan. Yeah, it is awful!! I have freckles up to my T-shirt line and then it is white from there on up to my shoulders. It is fabulous, let me tell ya!!

melissa said...

Ha! That's definitely the first time someone has complimented me on my even coverage of freckles, Andrea. :) I'll take any compliment I can get.

elizabeth said...

I love your pictures and i love the beach, I wish I had been part of your family that week.