Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Countdown to Christmas--Week Two

December 8th: Make Christmas ornaments. 

As you can see, this was a massive failure.  We decoupaged tissue paper onto cardboard ornaments.  They are not pretty.  I'm not even going to tell you which one I made.  It's too embarrassing.

December 9th: Mail Christmas packages to family.

Who was I kidding?  Did I really think I would have everything ready to mail by December 9th?  I'll be lucky if they make it to their recipients by Christmas day.  Luckily, Wendy came to the rescue and let us borrow a DVD of "The Best Christmas Pageant, Ever!"  My kids loved this book and the movie is still as heartwarming as I remember.  Also very '80's.

December 10th: Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn.

I chose The Polar Express because I found a cheap copy at the store.  [Memo to me: Don't buy movies you haven't seen before.]

December 11th: Give away toys you no longer play with.

This is the day I lose all the Fun Mom Points I've racked up over the past two weeks.  Not because they hate giving toys away.  On the contrary, I'm always surprised at how generous they are each year.  They know that this activity requires sorting every single toy and book we own and getting their rooms cleaned.  It's a pain, but we're always happy to have the house clean for Christmas.

December 12th: Write letters to Aunt Amy and Uncle Aaron.

Jeff's sister, Amy, is in Sweden on a mission for the LDS Church and my brother, Aaron, is on a mission in Peru.  The kids drew pictures for Amy and Aaron and dictated emails to me.  Harrison thought it was hilarious when I typed everything he said.  After a while he just started speaking nonsense.  Merry Christmas, missionaries!

December 13th: Act out the nativity.

Jeff acted as narrator to our crazy cast of characters.  Definitely the best Christmas pageant, ever.

December 14th: Make and decorate sugar cookies.

Secretly sugar cookies bore me.  (Really?  Sugar?  That's what ya got?)  I knew the ladies at Our Best Bites would have something delicious to share in the sugar cookie category.  Not only did they have a great recipe, but the fantastic idea to dip them in chocolate and sprinkle them with toffee.  We also sprinkled them with holiday sprinkles so they would seem Christmas-y.  Chocolate is the best thing to happen to sugar cookies.  This was much easier than frosting and tastier, too! 

9 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

Okay, I forgot everything else as soon as I saw those sugar cookies! Chocolate and toffee. Oh my. Now that's a merry Christmas cookie!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is "meh" on sugar cookies. I do not want to frost them. Too hard. Love the missionary writing! And the toy give-away! (Where do you take the toys?)

Wendy said...

I finally figured out who the lady was in the movie "best Christmas pagent ever!" It was hot lips hollihan from MASH! It was killing me!

Tammy and Alvin said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. Love the giving away toys and acting out the nativity before Christmas Eve. Don't think we have time to try most of these this year, but come Dec 2011 we are totally going to be Brain Jail copycats - that is, if I can remember. ;)

Jess said...

No, I hadn't heard the word "creche" before your last blog post, and then I read it in the paper the next day. Funny world.

Also, that nativity picture is channeling Grandma Shirley with the names written in black ink on each person and a date at the bottom. You just need everyone's exact ages on it. :)

melissa said...

Nicole, we usually just donate the toys to Goodwill. Sometimes I'll ask if any friends are interested in in them.

allyn said...

we did sugar cookies yesterday. i did the dough and cutting and cooking while the kids were at school, but noah was there to "help". when it came to icing the cookies i lost all patience. i can't imagine trying to do it all with all the kids crowding me in the kitchen.

it is finally snowing. i got a call at 5:50 am telling me that school was cancelled because of snow. nothing until now, 10:20 am. glad those buses didn't have to drive on the dry roads.

melissa said...

They called you at 5:50am?! Why so early? Stupidland.

Katy said...

Your kids are creating such wonderful memories. Harrison and Miles' wives will pale in comparison. I totally agree about cookies that take so much time and then don't taste awesome. good call with the chocolate.