Monday, January 30, 2012

Finding Joy in the Winter

I have a hard time enjoying the winter.  It's cold and dark and there will never be a new episode of Chuck ever again, so why bother being happy, right?  Knowing how depressed I get in February, I've decided to do what I can to find joy in the winter.  I don't take as many pictures in the winter as I do the rest of the year because the lighting isn't as nice and the world outside is so grey.  One way I'm going to find joy in the winter is to do a 30 day photo challenge, similar to those I found on my lovely friend Annie's blog.  I will post a picture a day in an effort to see the beauty in February.  You're welcome to join me.  Let's show winter it's not the boss of us!

Here are my 30 Photo Assignments:

1. self-portrait
2. clouds
3. something green
4. street
5. lunch
6. high angle
7. low angle
8. someone you love
9. glass
10. landscape
11. something blue
12. sunset
13. silhouette
14. long exposure
15. technology
16. something yellow
17. bokeh
18. faceless self-portrait
19. hands
20. sunflare
21. animal
22. something red
23. closeup
24. water
25. pattern
26. flowers
27. black and white
28. childhood memory
29. home
30. movement

I will not be doing them in order, but my goal is to post one photo a day.  Here goes nothin'!

4 Wisecracks:

Annie Jarman said...

I was wondering why my blog had so many views today! Good luck with your challenge! I've loved seeing your photos and how you keep getting better and better!

elizabeth said...

Can I do it even if I have no skills, lack the lens (and skill) to do a bokeh shot, sunflare, etc? I HATE February. What makes it even sadder for me is that I will watch another Academy Awards show without you, or anyone that cares.

melissa said...

We haven't had an Academy Awards party since we left Chapel Hill. What's the point?! Didn't you just get a new camera for Christmas? You can totally do a bokeh shot and sunflare. No special camera required. Do it!

elizabeth said...

I did get a new camera for Christmas. In our family, we find it best to buy our happiness with material possessions. It was kind of like "well sorry you had the worst year ever, here's a camera!" Can you teach me how to do a bokeh and a sunflare without a 50mm lens? What kind of camera do you have? Move to my small little town. I am friends with two of the LDS radiologists at our hospital. You will most likely hate it here, but I'm here, so it all works out.