Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Boot Bags Were Hung By the Chimney with Care

We had a very merry Christmas morning.  Santa came and no one got coal.  High-fives all around!

Miles and Chloe were reeeeaaallly excited about Harrison's new Lego Lord of the Rings Wii game.  Remember that time I found pajamas with pandas and cupcakes?  Carters, have you been reading Chloe's diary?
Santa gave Chloe a one-year membership to the Mommy and Me Book Club.  Every month she gets a new book that we both read separately and then discuss together at a Girl's Night Out.  Our first book is Peace Love and Cupcakes.  Chloe has already finished it and is eagerly waiting for me to read it so we can discuss all the major plot points and character development.
Miles called his stocking his "boot bag" and ate its entire contents by noon.  He was mildly interested in presents, but mostly just wanted more Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks.
That is, until he opened this racetrack from Grandma and Grandpa Maxwell.  A RACETRACK!  Now they don't have to use my wipe board on top of a stack of books to race their cars.
Here they are decked out in their jackets and hats from Grandma and Grandpa Lee.  Miles wore that the rest of the day.
For the past six months Jeff has been trying to convince me that we need a basketball hoop.  False.  There is a park within walking distance with a full basketball court.  Also, we share a driveway with an old woman who gets nervous when my kids ride their scooters near her yard.  As much as I would love to have a basketball hoop, our setup is just not ideal. 
But what do I know?  While I still maintain that the tiny slab of concrete surrounded by windows in our backyard is not the best place for a basketball hoop, it was pretty sweet watching my boys playing ball together.  Correct, as usual, Jeffry.  Happy Christmas, Harry!

5 Wisecracks:

Julie said...

The Mommy and Me Bookclub? I want a do-over with my girls. You are brilliant.

Nicole said...

Yes! More ideas to steal. You are the wind beneath my wings.

Every single one of those pictures makes me laugh. Good thing you turned on the Fireplace Channel. Ahahahahahaha!

Wendy said...

Jeffry? I thought his name was Jerry! Merry Christmas!!

Lyric Montgomery Kinard said...

Awesome to see them play together. STart a savings account now for window replacements.

Patti said...

A happy Christmas indeed!