Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Grandma Loves to See the Temple

As I mentioned in my last post, my mom flew in from Idaho to see the kids in their play.  I'm so happy she could come!  I hadn't seen her since July and I was starting to get that "I want my mommy!" feeling I have every once in a while.  We didn't have too much time to play and she's seen most of the fun in town, so it was hard coming up with something to do.  She said she would like to see the temple, so we grabbed Miles' mitten and headed to the St. Louis LDS Temple.

That boy loves his mitten.  And the temple.  It's probably an even 50/50 split. 

Mom said she wouldn't jump with Miles, but she would sit with him.  This picture is fine, but imagine if they were both jumping.  It's awesome, right?
Miles asked if he could take some pictures of the temple, so I handed him my other camera.  The following photos are SOOC shots taken by Miles.

I think he captured the outing very well. 

I had forgotten how busy a show week can be and it was so nice to have my mom here to help.  She played with Miles while I taught piano and took the kids to the theater and every time I went into the kitchen, my dishes were magically cleaned and put away.  You should hire her for your next busy weekend.  She's really good.

Thanks, Mom!  Miss you already!

4 Wisecracks:

Laura Lopez said...

Ahh that's so sweet, now I want my Mommy! it would have been awesome had she jumped too, but seriously that picture is one for the books, blow that baby up and hang it! Love it all.

Nicole said...

I can't believe Miles couldn't get Grandma to jump. I would do anything he told me to do. So CUTE!

Patti said...

I'm so glad your mom got to be there! And Miles is pretty good with that camera, both in front of it and behind.

The Reiersens said...

Seriously, you need to get your mom to jump. That would be so awesome!