Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Family is Forever

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of flying to Utah to see Jeff's sister, Amy, marry her own Jeff.  It was kind of a crazy day that started with me realizing I hadn't packed any makeup, making a 6am trip to Walmart to drop too much $$ on makeup I had at home, and coming back to my aunt and uncle's house to find that Harrison had vomited all his Halloween candy.  (The tradition continues!)  The day ended with Jeff realizing he had left his keys and glasses in the rental car I was driving up to Idaho and he couldn't get home to St. Louis without them.  It was craziness.  But whenever I think of that day, I have nothing but happy memories.
How could we not be happy for these two?  They're so M.F.E.O.
Little girls love weddings.  They were just giddy the entire day.
The boys endured the day well and looked sharp doing it.
One of the fun surprises of the day was having my parents there, too.  Amy and Jeff will be living in Pocatello, now, and my parents have been their chaperones in Idaho for the past few months.  It was so nice to have them with us the whole day.  Dad carried my bag and Mom kept the kids happy.
This picture makes me laugh really hard.  I can't wait for the day Harrison realizes that bunny ears have never been funny in the history of ever.
Finger guns, on the other hand . . .
Amy's brothers are real smart guys.
The Logan LDS Temple is very special to our family.  My parents and my Dad's parents were both married there. 
Here are my parents the day they got married.  (January 6, 1972)
And here they are today.  Just a couple of crazy kids in love.
Amy is the last of Jeff's siblings to get married, and everyone was able to be there in the temple that day.  What an amazing blessing and a happy day for Pops and Patti!  (Trent walked off the set.  Such a diva.)
After the wedding there was a luncheon where my sister-in-law, Mani, took a picture of me in focus.  This is rare.  After the wonderful luncheon, we had some time to kill, so naturally we went to the cemetery.
Harrison was actually pretty excited to find people he'd learned about from his family tree project.
Jeff's grandpa is buried in the same cemetery as my great-grandparents.  We all stopped by to pay our respects.
Some respects were more respectful than other respects. 
As we were leaving the cemetery, Harrison said, "When I die, on my tombstone under my name and the date, it's going to say, 'Kids can play on this tombstone.'"
My parents drove us around Logan and showed us some of the houses where my ancestors lived.  There was a pretty tree behind them, so I told them to pose like I was taking their engagement pictures.  Get a room, folks.
We partied some more at the reception and eventually the happy couple left under a canopy of sparklers.  We're grateful we could share this wonderful day with Amy and Jeff and wish them an eternity of happiness.

4 Wisecracks:

Heidi said...

Amy , such a gorgeous bride! Thanks for sharing your family! :)

Patti said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! You got some really great pictures, and a great picture of you! It was the happiest of days!

Becca Meservy said...

Oh wow! What a great day captured. So glad I could stumble upon your blog and share in Amy's & co awesome day. :)

allyn said...

very sweet photos. i love that you convinced scott and brian to go to the cemetery during their down time. and i love h's epitaph. hilarious.
also, i think you should spell new jeff's name with one f. it works with the aaron's in our family, right? i guess only in writing, though.