Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Valley of the Sun

Last weekend Jeff and I flew to Phoenix, Arizona to look for a new house to rent.  We haven't had many opportunities to get away, so it was pretty darn awesome to be able to travel somewhere sunny and spend time together.
Arizona is in a later time zone and they don't believe in Daylight Savings Time (I love you, Arizona!), so I was wide awake at 5:30am on Saturday.  Spring was in full bloom and everything smelled amazing.  The really cool part was that I could still breathe.  (You're so good to me, Arizona!)

In-N-Out was dangerously close to our hotel.  We may have eaten there a lot.  Looking for houses makes us hungry.  We were able to find a home that has more than one bathroom, doesn't have a shared driveway, and doesn't have a train in the backyard.  (We don't ask for much.)  We found a lovely home in Gilbert with a palm tree in the front yard and an orange tree in the backyard.  (Arizona is my boyfriend.)

Sunday afternoon we went to see the Mesa LDS Temple.  It's so beautiful!  Isn't that tree with the red blossoms cool?  It's called a bottle brush tree.

I really wanted to go swimming in one of their pools, but Jeff said no.

That evening we went to see the new temple in Gilbert.  It's gorgeous!

 There were families all over the grounds and at the park across the street.  They're all so excited to have a temple there and we're excited to be able to serve in it.  (You're so pretty, Arizona.)

We went to visit Jeff's cousin BJ's family in nearby Ahwatukee.  BJ and his beautiful wife Amanda acted like they didn't hate the idea of us living nearby.  And how much does their son look like his Great-Grandpa Eddie?  Are you kidding me?!  We're so happy to have some family members close by.

Monday morning we visited the Desert Botanical Garden where we paid $22 (each!) to see eleventyhundred different kinds of cacti and a few wildflowers.  

It was its own kind of beautiful.

Jeff is adorable in the desert.

Everything about this area is so different to us.  It was like visiting a foreign country without actually leaving the country.  (Which, by the way, is my favorite way to visit a foreign country.)

I will most certainly get used to the lack of humidity (and so will my hair).

This was Jeff's favorite kind of cactus.  I think it's called "KEEP OUT!" Cactus.

The saguaro cactus is my favorite.  You know, because it looks like a cartoon cactus.

Woodpeckers poke holes in the cactus and then use it as shelter.  Then the birds move out and some other lazy animal who can't make its own shelter moves in.  (What?  I read it somewhere.)

After the gardens, we headed to the Phoenix Municipal Park (Muni) to watch the Oakland A's beat the Chicago Cubs.  (Never miss a chance to watch a team beat the Cubs.)

The ball park was pretty small and we had some great seats.  Three fly balls ended up in our section, including one that was headed right for me until the woman in front of me blocked it with her head.  (Hence the ice pack.)  It was kind of the best day, ever.

Jeff's mom, Patti, stayed with the kids while we were gone.  We didn't worry about them once.  Not once.  We didn't even think about them, really.  I totally forgot their names while we were gone.  Thanks, Grandma!  Miles is still getting used to hearing the word "No" now that Grandma's not around.  :)

And now a few moments from Instagram:
I'm hoping these images will be enough to get me through the long, hot summer months in Arizona.
(I heart you, Arizona!)

5 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

Arizona is awesome! I can't wait to visit!

Jen said...

I think of this every time you mention AZ. Looks awesome, though! Can't wait to visit :) I totally thought you were imitating Gpa Furniss' orange tree pose in that photo btw

melissa said...

Ha! I totally think of that scene, too! I love how he immediately turns around. I think we're in for a rough summer, but that's better than a rough summer and winter and a spring and fall where my allergies are off the charts.

Cegan Hansen said...

"We totally forgot their names" I love you Melissa! Glad you two had a super trip. We're sure going to miss you guys!

Mark said...

Hello!!! We are in AZ too. We are 3 hours away from Phoenix, though. It really isn't any cooler where we are, either. We do have a temple and a pretty rock'n Pioneer Day celebration and parade. We will definitely have to get together. Jeni has to get to civilization once in a while.