Wednesday, June 3, 2015

He's a Music Man

Harrison has spent many hours this past year practicing his cello and and the piano.  What's pretty awesome is that after he practices his lesson songs, he sticks around to play for fun.  I love his love of music!  

At Harrison's school, once you hit fifth grade you can either be in band, orchestra, or choir.  Since Harrison started there in sixth grade, he was already a year behind.  He practiced hard and quickly became one of the best cellists in his class.  He was chosen to be a part of a small ensemble to perform at an art show back in April.

Just Harrison and the ladies.  (I think that's the name of their band.)

He also met two of his best friends in orchestra.  These boys are going to OWN junior high!

Here's a video of the sixth grade orchestra playing "Fiddles on Fire" recorded by Miles.  AGAIN: This video was recorded by a five year old.  Enjoy.

We decided Harrison would benefit from having a piano teacher who was not his loving mother.  Mrs. Bushman is an incredibly talented musician and she speaks Harrison's language.  (Candy.)  His piano recital was held after a few days of rain and we're thinking that might be why the piano keys were sticking.  Every student got up to the piano, bombed, and then sat down defeated.  It was the saddest thing, ever.  Harrison knew his songs so well, but sticky piano keys and the teacher standing behind him and pulling the keys back up as he played (understandably) threw him off.

The day of the recital happened to be the day our new piano arrived.  We found a great deal at the annual piano sale at ASU and a thirteen year old dream came true.  What a joy it is to play on such a beautiful instrument!  I told Harrison that instead of posting a video of his recital performance, I would post a video of him playing a song he enjoys on our new piano.  Here he is playing "Secrets."

We're so proud of all he has accomplished this year!

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Patti said...

I'm so happy Harrison got to play the cello. It's a fun instrument. The piano recital story makes me sad for all the kids, and Mrs. Bushman. How frustrating. What a happy counterpoint to the day, to have a new piano waiting to be played at home!