Monday, July 6, 2015

Cedar Breaks

Friday afternoon, we all went ATVing up to Cedar Breaks, Utah.  We had a grand old time literally eating each other's dust.

We drove through forests of Aspen trees.  It was so beautiful!

Then we made it to the top of the mountain where we danced around like Julie Andrews.

My nephew, Bradley, joined us in our ATV and brought the fun.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all the pictures, ever.

The dust gave Patti and me and nice tan look.

That's Renee.  Those are the breaks.

The only sad part about the reunion was that I didn't get to hang out more with this lady.  Jeff's cousin, Matthew, and his wife, Mindy, are all kinds of awesome.

After enjoying the view, it was time to head back to the lodge to let the rest of the group go for a ride.

Uncle Mike, Grandma Win, and Grandpa Eddie were the leaders of the pack.  I'm not saying it's their fault that the rest of us got left way behind and missed the turn and ended up on the wrong side of the mountain . . . I'm just saying that's what happened.  

Bonus ATV ride for the rest of us!

As we were headed back home the next morning, we stopped to get a better look at the Cedar Breaks.

It's okay, I guess.

The drive back to Arizona was incredible!  We drove through Lake Powell at sunset.  You should totally do that sometime.

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Patti said...

So many stunning views! I forgot how much dust we were covered in. Happy fun times!