Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Cold Day at the Arboretum

Jeff's parents are here visiting and we're having so much fun exploring Arizona and doing lots of stuff where you walk and learn.  Yesterday Jeff and I joined them at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  It was super cold on the mountain that day.  (Like sleeting on our faces cold.)  That didn't stop us from taking a two hour tour with Clyde and some couple from Iowa.  I decided all my pictures looked best in black and white.

This is before it was sleeting and we were all cold.  Jeff and Pops were feeling pretty good about themselves.
Patti looking like a teenager.

Pops and I called dibs on the umbrellas.  No shame.

This is Jeff's "You can take a picture of me, but I'm not going to look happy" face.  Adorable.

This is his "Clyde just got super excited about a bird again" face.

There were some pretty spectacular views along the way.

I was so happy for Jeff to get to spend some one on one time with his parents.  Except I was there, too, so not exactly one on one.  Also, there are two of them, so . . . nevermind.

The arboretum was founded by Colonel William Boyce Thompson.  He built this house for his New York socialite wife, Gwendolyn.  She hated it and the desert.  The end.

I mean how cute are they?

Answer: so cute!

Maybe someday Jeff and I will be that cute.  #goals

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Patti said...

It was so cold, but having you and Jeff there made it so much fun!