Monday, March 21, 2016

Grizzly Basketball

For the past two years Harrison has had one goal: make the junior high basketball team.  Anyone who lives near us will tell you that he spends all day every day shooting baskets in the driveway.  Most of the kids around here have been playing with the same rec or club teams since they were very young.  That put him at a disadvantage for sure.  The first day of tryouts, most of the kids vomited from exhaustion.  Harrison prided himself on not vomiting at all.  Woohoo!  His hard work paid off and his dream came true!
The grizzlies had a rough season, but they learned a lot and had some great wins.

It's a funny time of life for these boys.  Being tall goes a long way in middle school basketball, but you could easily be one of the shorter kids the next year.  Ah, puberty!

It should be noted that Harrison absolutely hates these pictures of him.  

We're so proud of him for working so hard and reaching his goals.  

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Patti said...

I never noticed his awesome basketball shoes! Go Grizzlies!