Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloweek!

Harrison goes to preschool twice a week. This preschool was created by my friends and me so we wouldn't have to pay large monthly fees for our kids to learn cool stuff before kindergarten. There are three teachers and four kids (including one set of twins).

This week it was my turn to teach. I'm not very good at it. (Shh. Don't tell the other moms.) I have a really hard time filling two hours. Activities I think will last a half hour will end up taking five minutes and then I'm left with nothing to do but toss them some duplos. The best was when I taught them about doctors a few weeks ago. I gave Elmo a checkup and things were going great until I got to the shots. By the end all the girls were screaming about how they never wanted to go to the doctor and get a shot. All in a days' work.

This past week we had a Halloween party for preschool and all the teachers came. It was great fun to have the kids in their costumes and observe how the other teachers keep the kids occupied. Very impressive.

We have new neighbors in the buiding including three young boys. We've never had kids in the building that Harrison could play with before so it's been a real treat. The kids have been playing outside all week and they all went trick-or-treating together.

Harrison and Chloe loved trick-or-treating. At each house, Harrison would do his Cowardly Lion impression and run from the dogs and Chloe would search the candy bowl for lollipops.

That night Jeff and I watched the scariest Halloween movie, ever: Michael Moore's Sicko. It made me want to move to France. I'd even be willing to learn French, which I hate. (All those letters and you only pronounce 10% of them? Lame.)

I became an aunt again this week! My little sister had a baby boy named Gabriel. He's the one in the candy corn hat. (If she had her baby in France, a government nurse maid would come to her house and do her laundry while she rested. I'm just saying, it sounds good to me.)

I've been sick all weekend. I've forgotten how terribly inconvenient it is to be sick. Unless you live in France, I guess.

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Peterson's said...

melissa, i just want you to know how much i love your blogs -- seriously funny stuff!

Hansen's said...

Hilarious! You know, you could move to Canada and not even have to learn a new language. I think I am going to watch Sicko this week!