Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Blowout

(Mom and Dad with their children (L-R): Nicole, Jen, Me, Katy, Rob, Allyn, Makenzie.  Not pictured: My brother Aaron who is on a mission.)
My mom started teaching piano before she got married so when she had children of her own it was only natural that she teach them to play, too.  All of us (including my father) at one point or another begged her to take her piano lessons and shove off.  She wouldn't budge.  My younger sister, Makenzie, once asked my mom what difference it made whether or not we learned to play.  Mom said that Heavenly Father had given her a gift and he would be upset with her if she didn't share it with her children. 

(Nicole, Miles, Jen and Henry waiting in the wings.  Rob and Miles enjoy the show.)
Over the years my mom has taught hundreds of piano students, including all eight of her children.  Five of her six daughters have gone on to teach piano, as well.  (Anyone want to guess who the non-piano teacher is?)

(Left: Makenzie and Gabriel toast Grandma Peggy.  Right: Mom, Dad and Katy admire baby Claire.)
When I was growing up, my mom sewed our Sunday clothes, our Halloween costumes, our play costumes and anything else that required sewing.  Five of her six daughters have also picked up this skill from her.  (Again, any guesses?)

(Left: Nicole and Allyn light birthday candles while modeling clothes made by Mom.  Never fit into your prom dress when you're a 32 year old mother of five.  Right: Grandpa Curtis and Grandma Shirley enjoy my squishy Miles.)
Last summer my sister, Nicole, had the brilliant idea that the best way to show tribute to my mom on her 60th birthday would be for all of us to put on a concert for her.  On Saturday, Miles and I traveled to Idaho and Utah to take part in the celebration.  Nicole has already posted about the events of last weekend and I know what many of you read her blog.  For those who don't, click here to read about The Mother of All Birthday Celebrations.

(Top row: Katy, Nicole, and Allyn.  Bottom row: Jen with Henry, Makenzie with Gabriel and Claire, Me with Miles.  I had another version of this picture where Allyn looks like a psycho killer.  You're welcome, Allyn.)
(Dad, Miles, and Mom.)
My mom was so surprised!  As she blew out the candles on her sixty cupcakes she said, "This is better than anything I could have wished for!"

Thanks for letting your light shine and not hiding it under a bushel, Mom.

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Patti said...

Wow! That was amazing! Good job everyone! :D

allyn said...

excellent shots. i thought we wouldn't have time to get ready for breakfast so i just got out of bed and stuck on my psycho killer hat.
i loved seeing you and your adorable squishy baby.

Chelsea Monet said...

I love that cupcake photo with your mom. Wow, what a lady. I hope I can be like her and make all of my kids play piano, too! I also amazing that you were able to get sixty cupcakes to stay lit at the same time. Seriously about your mom, though, what is her secret to getting her kids to stick with it?

By the way, S & S are going to have their first "real" piano lesson from Kaylene Peets on Thursday (I have already taught them everything I know, ha, ha.)

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

VERY cool!!!
You guys are so awesome to do that for your mom!!
Happy Birthday Auntie!!

Nicole said...

I was so excited to see your shots. I had so few and yet Miles ended up in about 75% of them. Love the one of Mom and Dad with Miles at Makenzie's house.

What's up with selling yourself short, lady? Your skillz in Photoshop alone blow everyone else away. :)

K.Q. said...

Cool thing you kids did for your mom. And I'm with Nicole-- you totally got skillz lady!

melissa said...

You guys are super nice. Especially since I don't actually have Photoshop. Tricked you!

elizabeth said...

good thing a bunch of you worked in a bakery too, did you make all those cupcakes?? I am so impressed with all the skills from you and your family.

Heather said...

So awesome. You Lee women are all amazing! I'll never forget your Mom's homemade rolls....

meredith said...

I LOVE this! Your mom is so great. I've always thought so.

Mom said...

You are all so sweet - thanks for the praise. It truly was better than anything I could have wished for! It's fun to see all the different shots everyone got. It was quite the photo shoot! And thanks for no shots of me looking like a pyscho killer either.:)
In answer to Chelsea's question, you need a husband who's willing to fix breakfast five days a week for over a decade so you can sit with them while they practice for the first year or so (an idea I got from your Aunt Marilou,btw), set a practice time every day, turn a deaf ear to the crying, hysterics and dramatics, and say that quitting is not an option. Good luck!