Friday, April 9, 2010

Dreaming Big

I can't wait to be a grandma!  (This is the part where people usually make a lame teen pregnancy joke.  I think I want to skip over that part.)  Being a grandma sounds like a lot more fun than being a mom (which is also fun).  When I'm a grandma, I'm going to spoil my grandkids with all their favorite toys.  Like basketballs and princess dolls and delicious trucks!

Then I'll go out wearing plastic necklaces and princess crowns and everyone will assume my granddaughter insisted I wear them when really it was I who insisted on wearing them.  (Secretly I do this sometimes as a mom, but it will seem more endearing as a grandma.)

I'm going to treat my grandkids to cultural experiences like Botannical Gardens and Sculpture Parks. 

While we're there, I'll impress them with my knowledge of nature and my hide-and-seek skillz.

I'll teach my grandkids useful skills like how to shoot a basket and how to plant a garden.

I'm going to visit them on holidays so they associate me with happiness and candy.

Also, I'm going to look adorable while I'm doing all of these things.

Can you picture it?  It's going to be awesome.
I can't wait to be a grandma.

9 Wisecracks:

Elizabeth said...

Is anyone as adorable as Patti? Being a grandma is something to look forward to and I'm glad motherhood is fun to you because most of the time I'm just surviving.

Patti said...

I was strong and didn't shed a single tear as I gave last hugs everywhere, but now I'm bawling like a baby! Yay for airplanes and rental cars that can take me to my favorite little people who live far away, and their mommies and daddies who let me plop down into their lives for a few days. :D

Emily said...

Any Grandma would love a post like that. You great daughter!

Meredith said...

Fabulous post. I loved it!

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Is Miles really sticking his tongue out at you in one of those pictures?!! (my, they start so young)

I think you will make a fabulous grandma. (because it looks like you have great examples to look to)

I don't think I would want to be a grandma just yet. I am already slower then I used to be. I don't want to know what else my body will NOT do when I get older.

Kristi said...

awesome melissa. just found out today that we have a mutual friend in Emily Wade (I don't know her maiden name). glad we both have such great taste in friends. :)

Mom said...

I can't stand that Grandma Patti looks more like the big sister! What a fun time! We're looking forward to "plopping down in your lives" this summer, but I think I'll leave the basketball shooting lessons to Grandpa.:)

Chelsea Monet said...

I love that she was playing basketball with Harrison. I have never seen a grandma do that before!

melissa said...

Do you like how she suited up, too? She wasn't playin' around. This was serious business.