Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. Personality

Harrison hates dressing up for pictures.  I have to bribe him big time.  Otherwise, I get this:

So I tell him I have a surprise for him and all he has to do is look happy.  Then I get this:

Really, Harrison?  Really?  This is how you look when you're happy?  I don't think so.  Try this:
All it took was a few knock knock jokes and words like "Legos" and "treat."

Even though he's a bit of a diva when it comes to pictures, this kid sure knows how to party.  I can't imagine how boring our lives would be without him.  The subtext of his life seems to be "How can I make this fun?"

3 Wisecracks:

Nicole said...

He's always looked like an old soul. The fact that he endures any photo shoot is a miracle. :) Love the one where he's pointing - very Isaac-from-the-Loveboat. (How old am I anyway.)

Mom said...

What a handsome boy! We have the most beautiful grandchildren ever!

Chelsea Monet said...

what a good lookin' boy.