Monday, July 5, 2010

First Stop: Virginia

This is my beautiful sister, Allyn.

She has five fun children, one crazy dog, and a husband who has been away on a boat for six months.  Allyn was gracious enough to let us invade her home in Virginia for a few days while we were on vacation.  I've always been impressed with her ability to go with the flow.
Her kids are so fun!  The boys wasted no time playing cars together.  Lilja wasted no time fixing Chloe's hair, painting her nails, giving her a new dress, and making her a necklace.  I'm pretty sure she dyed Chloe's eyes to match her gown, as well.
Her youngest boys have a flair for fashion, too.  Banks wore a cape the whole time and Noah wore his birthday suit.
Harrison was so happy to reunite with his buddy Adam.  They had lots of hilarious heart-to-hearts and I wish I had followed them around with a tape recorder.
They took us to the beach for the day so we could get a head start on our sunburns.
Allyn fixed crepes with ice cream ("I don't have any whipped cream.  That's the same, right?") for breakfast.  We have breakfast for dinner often, but I've never given my kids anything but cereal in the morning.  Their minds were blown.  (One morning Chloe said, "Muffins for breakfast?  That's weird.")
Before we left I asked if I could get a picture of all the cousins together on the porch.  I think what they heard was "Will you children all please climb a mountain barefoot in the snow?"  Once we finally got them all on the porch, I didn't dare move them so this is the best shot I could get.
Thank you Allyn and kids for sharing your home, your delicious food, your toys, North and South and Cranford with us!  Let's do it again soon.

9 Wisecracks:

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Awww, how fun is that?!!! Allyn is amazing and I need to chat with her and see how she pulls off five kids so well. I don't think I will be able to sew HALF as many fun things as she does when my #5 comes.

P.S. I TOTALLY got that Wizard of OZ plug you put in there. Do I get a point?!!!

KQ said...

Muffins for breakfast? Hilarious!

Ashley said...

Ice cream for breakfast? I can get on board with that. Does it count that my kids expect dessert after every meal, including breakfast? Looks like a great trip, that's a lot of cute kids.

kenzie said...

I love the last picture! Glad you guys had the best time ever.

Nicole said...

I can hear all those photos, man. You really captured the craziness in between. :) I love seeing all your kids enjoying each other. Especially that shot of Harrison and Adam talking away from all the madness. So sweet.

Emily said...

Ooh! I love North and South! Best movie kiss ever!

Heather said...

beeeeautiful pictures as usual and soo fun!

Lindsay said...

Fun! That picture of Chloe in the tire swing and capeman swinging on top is great!

allyn said...

finally got to see this! thanks for taking such awesome pictures while you came to make our dreams come true. the camera phone doesn't do any of this justice. we loved every moment. especially the moment i made jeff stand at my washer while my clothes were cleaned. that's a real man.