Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thirty Wonderful

I turned 31 on the 31st.  That makes this my Golden Birthday.  (That's a thing, right?  Not just something my mother made up?)  Jeff woke me up with breakfast in bed ("Gotta put on a show while your parents are here.") and halfway through the deliciousness I realized that Chloe had to be at dance class five minutes later.  Normally I would just skip it but it was her last class and I wanted my parents to see her in all her glory.

Dance class has given her a great deal of confidence and poise.  She's quite good at it, too.  Just ask my dad.  ("Some of those parents are just throwing their money away.")

There's a great restaurant here called Fitz's where they brew their own delicious sodas.  I've always wanted to go, so for my birthday my parents made my dream come true and took us to Fitz's for lunch.

Isn't my mom a great listener?  Harrison is telling her his most tragic tale of woe.  (You know, the day he chose macaroni and cheese instead of pizza in the cafeteria.  "It was disgusting!  And it was on pizza day!")

These three are each having a very different experience at Fitz's. 

The food was fantastic and creative and the drinks were awesome. 
It was a big day for Miles.

My mom was kind enough to make me a caramel cake.  There's one piece left in my fridge.  I don't want to eat it because then my birthday will be over.

My parents left for the airport right after birthday cake.  It was so wonderful having them here!  Thanks for braving the heat and giving us a reason to clean the house.  Miss you already!

13 Wisecracks:

K2 said...

We had golden birthdays in my family too! My sister, Liz, had hers early since her birthday was on the 28th of the month. And my sister, Margaret, had hers later since hers was on the 2nd. I had my on my 13th birthday, with 13 friends and it was Friday the 13th. Craziness. I can't remember what my brother did. But I bet it was cool.

How fun to have your parents visit for your birthday! Glad you had a great time.

Ashley said...

Boo, my golden birthday was wasted on a 4-year old! I love Chloe's dancing class, so many cute little girls. Did your dad really say that? Ha ha, hilarious.

Heather McKeon said...

Happy Golden Birthday! I had mine a few years ago... 29 on the 29th. How weird is it that I can say a few years ago about 29?! But even weirder is that I can say "I did that 20 years ago..." we should not be old enough to remember anything from 20 years ago! But alas I was in 8th grade 20 years ago.

Favorite quote: "Some of those parents are just throwing their money away."

Wendy said...

Yay for birthdays AND Parental visits! Looks like it was a great day! What did you have at Fitz's?

KQ said...

"Some of those parents are just throwing their money away"- HAHA!!
I'm glad your parents and your show-off-for-the-in-laws husband made all your dreams come true!

Jen said...

Phahahaha! Oh, Dad. I can totally hear him saying that.
You are so lucky! What a great birthday.
Chloe is so Chloe-licious in that last picture.

melissa said...

Yes, Dad said it, but we were all thinking it.

Chloe-licious is my new favorite word.

The Robinson's said...

Holy are old!! ;) I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday and LOVE the breakfast in bed thing. My husband did that for the first time the other day. Maybe he feels sorry for me because I'm so stinkin' huge and uncomfortable. Either way, we take what we can get, right? Glad you had a nice visits with the parents. Its so nice to be spoiled with love sometimes...even if you are 31!

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

Happy day! I had my golden b-day when I was 28 and I must say, I don't think it was Anything NEAR as golden as yours! I've missed you! I LOVE reading your blog!

Chelsea Monet said...

I am so glad you had such a great day! I totally forgot that it was your GOLDEN birthday. I would have spray-painted that book gold or something to celebrate. I got your card today, you are so fast. I'm glad you read the book--even though you beat me to it. Doesn't Juliet remind you of you?

By the way, I love your last two blog posts about your parents coming to visit.

And I like Chloe's socks in the last photo. Nice.

Andrea Lee Upton-Rowley said...

31 looks good on you. I hope I can make it look HALF that good when I get there. (I guess we will see if it is a Lee thing or not. :) )

Patti said...

Grandma Carol says you always need red in a picture. I think you hit it on most of them. I checked out the caramel cake recipe. Oh my. I started salivating and gained 2 pounds just reading the recipe. And I can't believe I missed it was your golden birthday! Because it totally was!

Chris and Linzi said...

Your cake looked yummy- happy 31st!