Sunday, October 24, 2010

Port of Grafton

For the past two weeks, The Good Doctor has been working nights and sleeping during the day.  It's been a little weird for all of us.  I never realized how co-dependent I am.  Geez!  Get a life, me! 

To celebrate the end of the madness, we took a drive up the bank of the Mississippi River this evening.  Our kids didn't quite get it.  "We're just driving?  Just driving?"  We finally stopped at the port of the town of Grafton.  It was established way back in 2007.  (The port, not the town.  That town looked old.  At least mid-'80's.)  We arrived right at sunset and even though my children all looked homeless, the light was awesome so it didn't matter.

(Photography by Harrison.)

(Look at my little ducklings.  Can you tell they were out of clean laundry?)

(Dear Stranger I Handed My Camera To: When people pose next to a lighthouse that is probably because they want a picture of them with a lighthouse.)

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KQ said...


Nicole said...

Oh. My. Miles looks so much like one of Dad's baby pictures! All business. Congratulations on a successful outing and a beautiful sunset. :)

allyn said...

a-w-e-s-o-m-e! sunset. chloe should be on gone with the wind. i am proud of you for taking your kids out of the house in those get-ups. my kids went to the church last night wearing who-knows what and then acted like total heathens.

Heather said...

lovely, lovely, lovely!

I am glad the stranger was clueless about the lighthouse because you all have such wonderful expressions on your faces.

When did your baby turn into a toddler!? So big and cute. Love the ducklings picture too!

melissa said...

Heather, I do love that picture of all of us together (sans lighthouse). Jeff thinks he looks ridiculous and my kids look like ragamuffins, otherwise I totally smell Christmas card.

elizabeth said...

Love the sunset picture!

Meredith said...

Great pictures! What a beautiful setting.

Andrea Lee Upton-Rowley said...

Yeah, my kids don't really get those "drives" either. We pass park after park and they wonder why we are not stopping yet.

Glad the crazy work hours are over..........or are they? Do Doctors ever really go back to "normal" hours?
Good luck! :)

Andrea Lee Upton-Rowley said...

P.S. I love Allyn's Gone with the Wind comment. ha ha!
I was thinking more along the lines of Sound of Music. :)