Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Explosion of Awesome 2010

The day after Thanksgiving we drove up to Norfolk, VA to my sister Allyn's house.  My sisters Jen and Katy and their families were there, too.  Between the four of us, we have 17 children.  Are you picturing something like this?

Yes, well, so were we, but how could that not be awesome?  The kids spent the afternoon outside playing volleyball without a net.  (That's not a euphamism.) 


This is my favorite photo of the weekend.  Who's having the most fun?  I don't even know!

Teenagers don't play volleyball.  Teenagers text.  In a treehouse.

I did get pictures of the grown ups, but we all had our day after Thanksgiving faces on.  Except Matt.  Congralations, Matt!  You are the winner!  (Don't get so upset, Banks and Noah.  There's always next year.)

After dinner the kids roasted marshmallows and then Ethan entertained them with a puppet show.  He ran out of dialects after about an hour, so they turned on a movie while the adults played Catch Phrase.  (Some more skillfully than others.) 

Ethan, a fish puppet, and an audience.

We had to take off for home early the next morning, so the celestial chaos didn't last long.  Katy and Matt stayed in a hotel, so she wasn't there for the sisters photo.

 I made sure Allyn was still in her pajamas so that (as Jen put it) it would be even.

Thanks for hosting the madness, Boneys!  Next time my place.

8 Wisecracks:

Nicole said...

I was just going along loving this post and I got to the last picture and started to cry. Why?! You're all so beautiful. :)

Kasey Q said...

What fun! Not that I didn't enjoy my Thanksgiving, but yours looks like such a blast that I can't help but wish I was there!

kenzie said...

Seriously! The tears! Missed you guys tons. Way to play Thanksgiving Envy.

allyn said...

it was my FAVORITE thanksgiving ever. you guys made it so fun. thank heaven for holidays that force us to see family. i think that campfire picture will go down in history as a favorite of mine. all the cousins toasting marshmallows.
that last picture is not my favorite of me, but isn't jen ROCKIN' that headband?
thanks for getting awesome pictures since i didn't get any and thanks for posting the chaos.
we missed everyone else, too!

Jen said...

That's what I'm thinking! A little Allyn magic in my hair. And a little Melissa magic in the photo editing :) Thanx!
My favorite moment was walking in on Emma doing a spaz dance for the other girls. They all squealed and ran. I felt like such a Mom!
Taylor would like you all to know that he is not texting, and is not a texter. He is playing a game on his iPod. Apparently there is a big difference. (Still in a treehouse, no?)

Andrea Lee Upton-Rowley said...

Love that last picture. You guys look fabulous!

melissa said...

My apologies to Taylor. "Spaz dance"--awesome.

Katy said...

I'm still so sad that I missed the good-bye's! What a great picture! Jen is indeed rockin' the headband, and Allyn is lovely even in pajamas, Melissa is as lovely as ever-and as tall as ever. That game of Catch Phrase will forever hold a place in my heart. Helena told me tonight that Taylor had changed a lot-"for the gooder" Ha ha ha