Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed some one-on-one time with Harrison.  (It helps us stay friends, see.)  We planned a little Mother/Son Date, but that night Harrison got sick.  Then he got the rest of us sick and it's been super gross ever since.  This past Saturday we were both well enough to go out again.  I asked what he wanted to do for our date and he said, "Can we go to Grossology at the Science Center?"  Really?  Grossology?  After the last two weeks I've had?  He's lucky he's cute.

Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body is a temporary exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center where for a not-small-enough fee you can learn what makes your body gross.  For example:

This climbing wall represents your skin and all of the nasty things (zits, blisters, bruises) that can show up on your skin.

Here's Harrison passing through the small intestine.  When he arrives at the rectum, he will be poo.

This is a life-size version of the game Operation.  Probably the least gross of the exhibit.

Here Harrrison is playing "Urine: the Videogame."  He had to keep all of the sugars, white blood cells, and red blood cells and let everything else pass through. 

There's a pump by that giant soda can and if you pump enough air and soda into the dude's stomach, the Burp-o-Meter will go off and the guy burps.  Classy.

That giant animatronic faucet behind Harrison is Professor Nose It All.  (See what they did there?)  He explains the science of snot while you look through a microscope and see all the nasty stuff in your nose.  My least favorite was the sniffing station where you squeeze a bottle and have to guess where the smell originated.  Your choices are: armit, mouth, anus, or feet.  The smells were very authentic.

This station allows you to replicate the sound of passing gas.  Always funny.

In case you were wondering, Grossology is my own personal version of hell.  Getting to spend time with Harrison made it worth it.  Someday I'll take him to a Sit Still for Hours and Do Nothing exhibit and we'll be even.

10 Wisecracks:

Annie Get Your Camera said...

You are a good mom, Melissa. And brave.

That's all I have to say about that.

Jess said...

That exhibit looks like a little boy's dream. Yuck! Who comes up with these things? :) I have to admit though, I am mildly intrigued...

Wendy said...

ummm, Hello?? Didn't I warn you about the smelling station??? Didn't I say, just walk on by?? Glad your kid got to be poo. It was my kids' favorite.

Nicole said...

I'm going to start praying now that this exhibit never comes to my town. Just hearing about it makes me dry heave. And I smell poo all day.

Harrison is a lucky little man. :)

KQ said...

You are a good mom!
I should have been a boy or at least had a son, because that gross stuff makes me laugh. I'm still working on my lady-likeness. :)

Patti said...

I'm with Kikka. I was saying "cool!" the whole time I was reading your blog. What a great idea, if you're into gross. :D

melissa said...

Wendy, I was so negligent. I forgot you said that. I'll start carrying a tape recorder when you're around dropping wisdom. Anything to avoid another sniffing station.

Patti, I really should have waited until you were in town to take him.

I will admit that the tooting station made me laugh. Especially when Harrison made one last for a full 30 seconds and then said, "What if that was REAL?"

allyn said...

too bad my husband does a for reals 30 second toot. also great that they had something labeled as "anus". this was totally designed by some middle schooler for his science fair project and his immature dad just used his "blow up" machine to make it even cooler. yes, the human body is amazing, but c'mon, there are some disgusting things that we don't need to see, hear, or smell.

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

Wow! That is just........for lack of a better word.......Gross!!
He looks so happy though. I am sure it was all worth it.......right? ;)

Chelsea Monet said...

I think I have been to that place before...in my nightmares.

Really, that is absolutely the grossest thing I have ever seen. I hope Harrison had a blast.