Monday, March 7, 2011


My husband is kind of hilarious when it comes to blogging.  Or "blogging" as he calls it.  (Say it with air quotes, see.)  He told me years ago that he was going to start a blog called "Cerebral Prison" and write a skewed version of everything I write here on Brain Jail.  When something interesting happens in his life, he'll say, "I'll have to write about this on my blog.  Have you found it, yet?"  He's always talking about his blog and all the crazy comments he gets.  Dude doesn't have a blog.  At least, I haven't found it, yet. 

On Hey Nonny (where I post every Monday), we choose a theme for the first full week of each month.  Jeff jokingly suggested we have all of our husbands write for a week.  Don't joke about blogging, man.  So today is the first day of Man Week on Hey Nonny and Jeff has written what I am 78% sure is his first blog post.  Be sure to check it out and show him some love: Redefining Winning.

4 Wisecracks:

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

"Cerebral Prison"! And I love that you are 78% sure it was his first post. I'm sure it's a private "blog". He'll print it for your tenth anniversary.

By the way, Redefining Winning was a great post Jeff.

Nicole said...

I'm totally a follower of Jeff's "blog."

Wendy said...

That Jeff...He's a keeper.

allyn said...

jeff could totally have a side job as a sports writer. his passion after reading x-rays and ct's.