Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zoo Field Trip

Can you believe Harrison is almost done with second grade and I've never volunteered in any of his classrooms?  Lame, I know.  He's always wanted me to volunteer at a holiday party or chaperone a field trip, so this past weekend I finally made his dreams come true.  Zoo Field Trip!

We live ten minutes from the zoo and go there often, but usually our trips are short and I have three whiney kids with me.  For the field trip, I just had to keep track of Harrison and Omer.  So even though this trip was all day, it was still more relaxing than our usual trips to the zoo.
Our first stop was the Insectarium where the kids were required to write down their answers to a billion insect questions before they were allowed to explore the rest of the zoo.  Who gives busywork on field trips?  Come on!

Later we ran into Aslan and he dropped some wisdom on us.  (P.S. His wife was taking a nap high in a nearby tree.  Have you ever seen a lioness napping in a tree?  Hilarious.)

Those boys were all about the maps.  Nevermind that we have the zoo memorized.  I blame Dora.

What's cuter than Mrs. Jumbo and Jumbo, Jr.?  (So, where's MR. Jumbo in "Dumbo"?  There are an awful lot of deadbeat parents in Disney movies.)

The boys liked these groovy Zebras.  Okay, really they're Grevy's Zebras, but who's to say they're not also groovy?

That Omer is one positive kid.  Everything we saw was "AWESOME!"  It's hard not to have a good time when someone is having that much fun.  We saw every animal in the zoo and no one got lost.  Success!

One more shot of this dude because lions are cool.

5 Wisecracks:

Katy said...

Alsan!! Ha ha ha ha!! Zoo's are awesome!

allyn said...

that lion was so cooperative for you photo shoot. that's nice that you got to go on a field trip with mr. h. and omer (awesome name).

Heather said...

Awesome! This field trip makes our field trip to the pond seem lame in comparison. hehehe ;) Lions...tadpoles...

It's so hard to go on field trips with babies in the house! So glad you got to go!

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

Love the lion shots and Dora line. I feel spoiled having my mom near by. I love field trips! Most of all I love Olivia wants me there, because I am sure soon she won't..

Chris and Linzi said...

Are you sure that lion is at the zoo in the lou? Chris and I think it looks much too real...come to think of it, we've never seen a lion at the zoo, they are always hiding in their "habitats".