Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freaky Fairy

Sometime during the fireworks show, Chloe lost her first tooth.  She had it in her hand and then dropped it . . . and then found it again . . . and then lost it again.  She didn't even tell us she had lost it until the next morning when we noticed it was gone.  Just didn't want to bother us, I guess.  Very Chloe of her.

I told her she could write the tooth fairy a note and leave it under her pillow.  Then we forgot to do that.  The next night we were staying at a hotel and she dictated a note for me to write on hotel stationary.  The next morning there was a dollar bill under her pillow!  She thought it was pretty cool that The Tooth Fairy could find her at a Days Inn in Hurricane, Utah.

Before we left on our trip, we finished Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers.  Umm . . . no.  That's my review of the book.  It's very dated and hard to follow and difficult to read aloud.  Great story, poor execution.  It works really well as a movie, though.  We watched the Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis version first and the kids were way confused.  The only thing that movie has in common with the book is that the mother and daughter switch minds . . . or bodies, depending on how you look at it.  It's a delightful movie.  Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome sauce.  Even pre-crazytown Lindsay is fun to watch.  The kids didn't love it. 

The 1976 movie starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster is pretty hilarious.  It's a very faithful adaptation of the book, so Harrison and Chloe preferred it to the other movie.  I remember loving it as a kid and was glad my kids enjoyed it.  It's one of those old school Disney movies where there's a hilarious car chase at the end and a constant funk beat in the background.  There's a scene where the mom freaks out because she has to take a typing test for her daughter on (gasp!) and electric typewriter.  Harrison said, "Why are they using typewriters."  Awesome.  Watching Jodie Foster in that movie made me a bit sad about our young movie stars today.  They're expected to be tiny and gorgeous first and talented . . . enough.  There's no way young Jodie Foster would be cast in that movie today.  How sad, since she's really quite amazing to watch. 

So there you have it.  Tooth=gone.  Book=lame.  New movie=not like book.  Old movie=no skinny, untalented young actresses.

6 Wisecracks:

Lindsay said...

That is an awesome picture of Chloe, Melissa! I love the tree in the background!

McKenzie lost a tooth last night, but unlike Chloe, it was her 9th tooth and she came running out of the bedroom with tears in her eyes she was so excited. Maybe we could combine their two emotions for a more healthy one. :)

Mallen said...

I love your book/movie reviews. They make me want to read kids' books again, but it sounds like I won't be starting with Freaky Friday.

Heather McKeon said...

Hurrah for no skinny, untalented actresses. And also I have to say that I am impressed that Chloe was not completely jaded about the tooth fairy after a 3 day delay. I guess that's the power of childhood fantasy. Or actually probably the power of the dollar.

Wendy said...

Funny how the tooth fairy can find you. Santa found us a hotel once. They are sneaky sneaky. Your Chloe is quite adorable.

On a Disney movie note: We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which Bradley promptly mispronounced. He liked it a lot. Isn't that a book?

Heather said...

So beautiful is Chloe and how sweet that she didn't want to bother anyone about her tooth! I love your book reviews!!

The Reiersens said...

Chloe knows how to work that tooth gap! She's adorable. :)