Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pocatello: Miles from Nowhere

This is Pocatello, Idaho: land of my birth, home of my parents, grandparents and Idaho State University.  And that's it.  There is absolutely nothing else in Pocatello and that's what makes it awesome.  After a week of activities (which we thoroughly enjoyed), it was nice to go somewhere where we couldn't find something to do, even if we tried.

My parents have a lovely view of the gorgeous Idaho sunsets.  Sorry if you hate this picture, Mom.  I think you're adorable. 

Look all you want, boys.  There's nothing to do in Pocatello.

Here my dad is singing "If I Were a Rich Man" while Harrison plays (a very simplified version) for him.  When Harrison was learning this song for his piano lessons, I played a CD of my dad singing it.  Harrison listened to it over and over again and even added it to his own mix CD.  Awesome.

My dad performed his famous "Magic Show" and then taught the kids how to do it, too.  I love Miles' upside down kazoo.

My parents watched the kids while Jeff and I went out on a date.  Mom told me there wasn't much to do on a date but go and "park."  Ah, well.  If that's all there is to do, then that's all there is to do, knowwhatimsayin?  We also stopped by my grandparents' house and talked to my Grandpa Curtis for a while.  Snapdragons always remind me of their house.

Of course a trip to Pocatello wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Golden Corral with Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Curtis.

Grandma was really taken with Miles.  She insisted on having him on her lap even after Grandpa and I insisted that it was a really bad idea for her to hold my giant baby.  She held him long enough to snap this picture.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us come over and do nothing. Thanks for feeding us delicious food and showing us a good time. 

And thanks for the sunsets, Pocatello!

4 Wisecracks:

Wendy said...

Wait, now I don't know if I am supposed to cross Pocatello OFF my list of places to go or put it on. C'mon man!!

Mom said...

Yes, I hate that picture! But then I hate most pictures of me.
Loved having you here!

melissa said...

Wendy, unless you are staying with my parents, there is no reason to visit Pocatello.

Mom, I swear that was the best picture I got of you the whole time we were there. Sometimes you make weird faces and sometimes I don't know how my new camera works and you are out of focus. Again, you're adorable.

Tammy and Alvin said...

Only you can make having 'nothing to do' sound so fun.