Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Journey Ends

I did it!  I finished blogging about our summer vacation!  It's my birthday gift to me!  Remember My Awesome Friend Wendy?  She moved to Utah in June.  It's the only thing she's ever done that wasn't awesome.  On our last day out west, we went to visit Wendy's family in their new digs.

 I realized later that you can't even tell where we are.  We should have posed in front of the mountains . . . eating "above the rim" shakes . . . while getting cheap haircuts.

 Allison and Miles rekindled their friendship.  Look at those tongues sticking out and the matching blue plaid.  M.F.E.O.

Phew!  Our first few days back were beyond boring.  The kids were so used to having cousins to play with and craft time.  They'll just have to wait until next summer to have fun again.  I'm all out.  Thanks so much to family for making our summer so great!

Some of my family on Emil and Colin's blessing day.

 The Peterson's, Summer 2011

6 Wisecracks:

Wendy said...

remind me what M.F.E.O. means? SO SO glad you could come visit! See? It's true! Everyone comes to Utah!

Nicole said...

I'm sad your reports are over. What will I look forward to now? Probably above the rim milkshakes and sitting on my awesome grass every evening. Sigh.

Seriously - your vacation posts were THE BEST!

melissa said...

Wendy, Made For Each Other.

Nicole, I totally forgot about the grass. We could have sat on the grass and not get eaten alive by bugs. THEN everyone would know we were in Utah.

Wendy said...

Riiiiight...yes, you'd be right about that one.

The Reiersens said...

I'm so glad that your done posting about your summer vacations, I was starting to feel like a boring loser over here! :)

allyn said...

oh wait, there's more fun times from the summer vacation. 'member that time that your sister and her crazy kids came and bombarded you and your house and then demanded entertainment every afternoon? that was awesome. good times that you totally delivered.