Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Magical Visit

My sister Allyn and her family of eight arrived at our house last Thursday morning ready to play.  I'm always amazed at their sense of adventure.  We took them to The Magic House (a super awesome children's museum) and spent a few hours there counting heads. 

Miles watches as Noah attempts to give The White Rabbit the business.

We got seperated for most of our visit.  When we finally met up again Allyn said they had spent most of their time in the craft room.  I've never seen a craft room at The Magic House, but I guess I believe her.

After the Magic House, Lilja asked if we could take some "magic pictures" like the ones she saw in my blog book.  Here's my favorite:

Emma and Lilja were so sweet to Chloe.  Emma cleaned Chloe's room from top to bottom (just for funzies) and Lilja was her personal stylist all weekend.  It made me sad that she doesn't have an older sister.  Too late for that, though.  I guess we'll just have to have one of those unhealthy, super close mother/daughter relationships to make up for it.

The best part was meeting Allyn and Aron's sixth beautiful baby, Chance.  I heart him and his perfect little face. 

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Nicole said...

Ah! Look at that BABY!!! He is so roll-y and delicious. In that last photo he does kind of look like Emil to me. (Aron sees it, so I'm throwing him a bone.) So glad you got to hang out together/apart at the Magic House.

It's just as fun to have older girl cousins, don't you think, Drusilla? Then there are no fights and you're always friends. It's beautiful. :)