Monday, August 15, 2011

The Annual Problem of Our Generation

Phineas and Ferb?  Anyone?  My kids spent the summer in front of the t.v. watching Phineas and Ferb, which is ironic because it's a cartoon about a couple of brilliant kids doing amazing things during their summer vacation.  Tomorrow is the first day of school, so today was the last day of our summer vacation.  In addition to watching every episode of Phineas and Ferb a million times, we also . . .

Explored the sights in St. Louis, including Grant's Farm.  Have I ever told you about Grant's Farm?  Here's what you do: You take a tram ride around a pasture filled with the strangest combination of animals you've ever seen (bison, deer, zebras, kangaroos, goats, etc.).

My children were super impressed with the tram ride.  Have I mentioned how much they enjoy live animals?

After that you are dropped off at an area where you can ride a carousel, feed baby goats, look at more animals, watch a bird show (which includes a rat race), and watch an elephant show. 

There are more animals to see and then when you're done, you get a free beer. 

 Of course, because it's St. Louis, admission is free, but  I still can't decide if this place is fun.

We also read a lot.  The kids and I all completed our summer reading programs and won awards and prizes and knowledge.  Go team!  I had never read a memoir before this summer but decided to pick up Kristin Chenoweth's A Little Bit Wicked.  It's a delightful read for anyone who is a fan of her work.  I also read Tina Fey's Bossypants.  Ms. Fey is a comic genius . . . and a pottymouth.  My favorite was Steve Martin's Born Standing Up.  He's a very gifted writer and performer and, thankfully, not a pottymouth.  Earning my library tote bag was loads of fun.  We watched a lot of Netflix, too.  Psych, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Bleak House, Drop Dead Diva, and Chuck cured our summer t.v. blues.  Thank you, Netflix!

I spent a month babysitting this delicious baby boy while his parents were at work.  What fun to get to hold a baby and feed it and give it back before bedtime.  It confirmed my suspicion that being a grandma is going to be loads of fun.  It also confirmed my suspicion that four kids is nuts.

Did I mention I share a birthday with Harry Potter?

Our summer was sponsored by Harry Potter.  Harrison read books four, five, and six and is currently in the middle of the last one.  Jeff and I went to see the final movie for my birthday.  I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to the kids for storytime.  The wizarding world has completely taken over our home.  The kids spend their days pointing pencils at each other and shouting spells.  (My favorite was when Harrison tried to disarm his opponent with the word "Diminuendo!")  Today at the park, they were grabbing handfuls of sand and shouting locations, pretending it was floo powder.  When Harrison isn't playing "Hedwig's Theme" on the piano, Miles is humming it loudly.  It's all very adorable.

I hadn't read The Chamber of Secrets since the first time I read it ten years ago.  It was much better than I had remembered.  The chapters are a little long for young children, but Chloe could usually stick it out.  They both loved it and it was fun to watch the movie together and see how accurate it is.  The movie follows the book much more faithfully than The Sorcerer's Stone does.  I had forgotten how creepy it is at times.  (Did Ginny Weasely ever get therapy for all that being-possessed-by-a-demon-diary business?)  Chloe covered her eyes for the spiders and the basilisk.  Also, Dobby in HP2 is much less annoying when you keep in mind Dobby in HP7 while watching HP2.  ("Dobby" is one of the few words Miles can say clearly.  "Dobby," "Mom," and "More."  What else is there, really?) 

My sweet Chloe goes off to kindergarten tomorrow.  If only her Aunt Allyn were here to give her princess hair.  Chloe's mom is lame.  Huzzah for school!       

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Heather McKeon said...

Another good memoir you should read is 'This Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio' by Terry Ryan. Ah-mazing.

Love your HP summer. I myself have had more of a witch summer. We went to HP7.2, I've read several witch books (a few I didn't even realize were about witches until I started them, that's what happens when you judge a book by it's cover & title and don't read the sleeve), not to mention that for some reason I have been watching Charmed on Netflix (don't ask - but it is sort of that perfectly terrible mindless tv ideal for cutting fabric to).

Jess said...

My kids don't like live animals either. I am jealous that stuff like that is free in St. Louis. Hope the kids had a good first day!

Meredith said...

That first picture is priceless. I love it. I'm catching up and just read your post about Harrison's baptism. Congratulations! I cried at one of my piano students' baptisms just thinking about my own children (and I'm not a crier), so I'm really in for it in a couple years. What a special time! Beautiful post.

allyn said...

your school starts so early! what in the world?
free beer and a twinkie cake!!! best summer ever.

Jen said...

That was awesome :)

Uno Kidney said...

Dude. I love your kids. I feel sadness in my heart that we didn't rendezvous in pokie. Maybe next time. Gram loves hp. He has only seen the first 45 ish minutes of the first movie and can not get enough. We bought him a little wand and my favorite spellsthat he has made up so far are "Scrabble rabble rabble ree why don't you come play with me" and "scrabble rabble rabble ree why don't you get away from me". He was pretty upset when I didn't disappear.