Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am NOT repeating myself! I am NOT repeating myself!

I'm writing from Jeff's laptop.  Our computer is toast.  I was uploading pictures from our whirlwind weekend trip to Utah for Jeff's brother's wedding when the computer froze.  Now every time I turn it on, it makes a high-pitched beeping noise like it's about to blow.  I'm trying to keep it together and not think about the fact that my pictures and home movies may be lost forever.  I feel like Phil Dunphy on his birthday.  "It's okay.  I don't feel anything, anymore."

My children are really challenging my rage issues lately.  My favorite part of the movie "Date Night" is where Tina Fey is talking about being a mother and she says, "It's always a BIG SUPRISE that we have to put pajamas on every night."  Because, . . . yeah. 

This is the conversation my son and I have every . . . single . . . morning:

[Ten minutes after I wake him up.]
Me: Harrison, are you dressed?
Harrison: You didn't tell me to get dressed!
Me: That's what you do in the morning!

My mom used to say to us, " 'Breathe in!  Breathe out!'  Do I have to tell you kids everything?"  I will not deny that those words have crossed my mind many times. 

Lately I feel like Jeff and I are having the exact same conversations with our kids over and over and over.  It's getting frustrating and exhausting.  What does John Rosemond say about that?

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K2 said...

Although I don't have any children of my own I face the same exact thing every morning in Seminary.

The kids come in, sit down without their scriptures.
Me: You need to get your scriptures
Them: Are we going to use them today?
Me: Yes, we are going to use them every day.

And I have to repeat myself to EVERY. SINGLE. KID. who walks through the door, even if they already heard me say it.

So yes, I can empathize for sure.

Wendy said...

Save some time and make yourself a hologram, (princess leia-esqe) then every morning/evening hologram-you can say everything over and over again and you can be eating treats while your children fight pretend you!!

I'd be rich if I could actually make this into a business plan.

p.s. ours is:

me: get your shoes on.
Bradley: where are they?
me: where'd you leave them?
Bradley: I don't know, why?
Me: we are going to school.
bradley: What!?? I have SCHOOL today???
Me: yes.

Nicole said...

Oh, Melissa. I hope your photos and all that aren't lost forever. It's THE WORST.

My twice-a-day conversation is;

Me: You need to brush your teeth.
Bridget: Why? I brushed them yesterday.
Me: You need to brush them every day.
Bridget: What?

It's like she loses interest in everything I say so I have to say everything at least twice.

KQ said...

Dude, spend money if you have to, but find someone who can help you get those pictures and videos! Then buy yourself a backup hard drive and make sure you set up regular backups of your new computer so you don't lose stuff. I cried tears of joy when my dad, a computer nerd, was finally able to recover what I thought I lost one time.

My too many times a day conversation is this:

Lyla: Mommy I have to go potty.
Me: Then GO! You've been been doing this for a year now. You know how to go get on the toilet by yourself!
Lyla: I do?
Me: Yes, you do. Now go before you pee in your panties! I'll be there in a minute.
Lyla: (a minute later from the bathroom) Mommy, I'm all done. I didn't pee in my panties. Are you happy now?

Apparently I've given her the impression that my happiness depends on her staying dry, which I guess to a certain extent it does. Less laundry, right?

Annie Get Your Camera said...

Yesterday I had to ask/tell Aidan to get his shoes on TEN times. Naturally by the 4th time I was likely yelling and he says to me, "Stop yelling at me!!" and I yell back "I wouldn't have to yell if I DIDN'T HAVE TO ASK YOU TEN TIMES TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Every day. EVERY. DAY.

I feel your pain.

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

Well, at least I know it isn't just me. I was thinking about making an appointment to get their hearing checked. I REALLY hope you get everything backed up. It will all be safe...Just keep repeating over and over.

Wendy said...

Oh yeah, Once I thought Bradley had "selective hearing" (always saying "what did you said?" Turns out he failed hearing tests. Man, did I feel bad, once his ears got cleaned out and he had the same "hearing" problem I didn't feel so bad.

Jess said...

I feel your pain. I wish I knew what John Rosemond would say about it, but the page of his I used to read doesn't exist anymore. Keep breathing and watch "Modern Family" tonight- that should help you feel better.

Jen said...

I bit my tongue for a good decade and DID NOT say "Breathe in, Breathe out! Do I have to do everything for you?" But once they became teenagers the floodgates opened. I even do it with all of Mom's inflections. Like a recording. I also say "Do I have to chew your food for you?!" Because, gosh darnit- DO I???? Girl, I have tried everything. Notes around the house, notes on their forehead, bribes, charts, you name it.
My 'parenting coach' advises that I stop talking and just see what happens. Perhaps they will rise to the occasion if you stop talking? Or you send them to school in their pj's and see if that makes an impression. I can't do it. (On the bright side, my 16-year-old no longer requires reminders and actually prefers to look clean)

Heather McKeon said...

Our computer died right after we got married and I thought we'd lost our honeymoon photos. But we were able to get everything off the hard drive. So no worries.

Whenever you're ticked and feel you are repeating yourself with your kids, I think a good thing to do is think about Heavenly Father, Christ, and the Prophets - man, those guys have been repeating themselves for thousands of years. Not trying to be 'that' person, but it puts things in perspective.

allyn said...

i have to repeat everything i say to 5 different people at least 5 times per person. i am pretty sure that i will be insane in the membrane before this little task of parenthood is over.

put your pictures on discs. good plan?

melissa said...

Yes. It's a good plan. That's why Jeff thought of it. He started backing up all of our pictures on discs and we're caught up through the beginning of this year. A lot of those pictures are also online at and such. I'm sure it will all be fine. I just want it to be fine RIGHT NOW.

Heather, you're so right! Thanks for the perspective and for being "that" person. :)