Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Wedding Day

The day after the reception, we all drove down to the Manti Temple to see Brian and Mani get married.  What a beautiful temple!
This picture was taken from a moving car and the temple still looks amazing. 

So here's the thing: blogger does this super lame thing where it makes all of my portrait oriented pictures show up landscape oriented when I try to add them to a post.  It's done that for years and I've figured out the problem, but because of our computer issue, I can't fix it this time.  I'm telling you this because all of my pictures of Mani happened to be portrait oriented.  I promise I'm not trying to keep her identity a secret.  I was able to crop some of my landscape pictures and make them portrait, so that's why some of them on this post are portrait.  Bla bla.  Who cares?
The whole family!  This is my only picture of Mani and half of Melanie.  (I really need to give specific instructions when I hand my camera to people.)  I think my favorite part of this picture is Justin and Harrison.  Despite my best efforts, I still threw off the color scheme.  So uncool.

See that nasty bruise on my baby's forehead?  By the end of the trip, he had a matching bruise on the other side, a swollen, red nose, a black fat lip, and a skinned cheek.  Just trying to renew his Toddler Fight Club certification.

Uncle Brian greets his adoring nieces.  I'm sure some day Chloe will forgive Mani for stealing Brian's heart.

Bradley (age 3), Nathan (age 2), and Miles (age 2).  Isn't it funny how dressing them up makes them look like old men?  "So then my old lady says to me, 'Nathan, it's time to start potty training.'  You believe that?  Potty training!  What is this?  Vassar?!"

Pops was there, too, breathing an audible sigh of relief.  This is his over-the-moon face.

Brian and his groomsmen.  Top row: the brothers (Ted, Scott, and Jeff), Bottom row: the Bros (Bryce, Brian, Jeff, and Eric).

"So are we jumping on three or after three?"

Tired and sweaty, but still so in love.

"You kids have no idea what it takes to impress a chick.  Maybe someday (when you're older) you'll get a hint to what it's like being a man."

3 Wisecracks:

Wendy said...

hey! There's the OTHER Bradley!! Great pictures. Love that yellow shirt! :)

Jess said...

Love the caption for the toddlers. You crack me up. :) I liked the side angle for the group shot. Something original.

allyn said...

of course you have captured everything so beautifully. i was just wondering...was there a murder or something at the temple? what is with all the caution tape?