Friday, November 18, 2011

Show and Tell Friday: Silhouettes

Before we moved into our rental home, our landlord was kind enough to make a few changes to the place. He installed a dishwasher, a free-standing cabinet, and he painted the entire house. The one thing he refused to compromise on was the dining room chandelier. I hated this chandelier when we moved in. It's grand. Terribly, terribly grand! Rather than trying to make our furniture work with the chandelier, I decided to build everything around the light fixture that I couldn't change. Now I refer to the dining room as our "vintage" room.

A few months ago, the lovely Cara posted this tutorial on her blog and I've been wanting to do it in my dining room ever since. First, I had to find the perfect frames. Since I'm cheap, I just kept my eyes out for them when I went to thrift stores. A few weeks ago, I found them!

Can you believe someone was just giving these away?!  And how sad that they didn't want to keep the pretty pictures inside, eh?  I followed Cara's tutorial and now have three happy silhouettes in my vintage dining room.

You can't tell from the picture, but Chloe's background paper has the same pattern as the boys' pictures.  If you're going to do this, I recommend a pair of tiny, precise scissors.  Mine were not.  It's simple, but beautiful.

Speaking of simple and beautiful, Jeff's cousin's wife Melinda started a blog last month called Simple and Beautiful.  It is aptly named.  Hers is one of the few blogs I subscribe to and I always feel a little bit lighter every time I read it.  She's starting a Friday series called The Simple and Beautiful Woman and today I am her guest.  For the record: nothing makes me more uncomfortable than referring to myself as a simple and beautiful woman, BUT I love her blog and she did me a solid by being a guest on Hey Nonny today.  So, check out my post on Simple and Beautiful and Melinda's post on Hey Nonny.  I hope they will both brighten your day.

6 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

I am so impressed! What an amazing find in those frames, and the silhouettes are perfect. Off to read me some blogs!

Jess said...

Those are great! I will have to try it when I have a place to put them. :) I just read your guest post, and I must say I agree about Shepard's Pie. Yuck. Cole said he is making it for our pie night this year and a piece of me has died. At least there will be other real pies.

melissa said...

WHAT?! Why would Cole ruin pie day like that?

Brad and Tiff said...

Thanks for posting these, I do love them! You should mention you were also doing personal progress too, yay!
Because I'm too lazy to do two separate comments - my tip is "Michigander Turkey" - look it up at, my hubby said this turkey was better than his mom's!

Heather said...

Go Melissa!!! What finds in the frames and what fabulous silhouettes! I have been meaning to try out her tutorial too, I will now go buy me some precise scissors and read about simply beautiful you. It's true, own it, own it! :D :D :D

The Reiersens said...

Those are really cool! I want to make some!