Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve in St. Charles

While Jeff and I wait for Santa to come, I thought I'd take a minute to share some pictures of our afternoon in St. Charles.  They really go all out at Christmastime in St. Charles. 

All of the shops are beautifully decorated and the streets are full of characters from famous Christmas stories and Santa Clauses (Santas Claus?) from many different eras.  Each character has a trading card and when you meet one, you wish them a Merry Christmas and they will give you their card.  Collect all 33!

Clara and the Nutcracker Prince, AGAIN!  That dude was a super cheeseball.  I asked him if I could get a card for my son and he said, "What's his favorite kind of candy?!"  He reminded me of Buddy the Elf.  ("Is there sugar in syrup?  Then, YES!")

Harrison gets a card from Pere Noel.  (You know, "French Santa.")

World War II Santa

Frontier Santa

The Sweet Tooth Fairy will give you something sweet if you can guess the magic word.  (It's "please.")

We usually visit St. Charles in the summer, so my kids associate this city with ice cream.  They are convinced that rainbow sherbet is the greatest ice cream flavor ever invented and that the best rainbow sherbet can be found at the Riverside Sweets Shop.  I offered them hot cocoa, but they wanted ice cream.  It's Christmas.  Whaddayagonnado?

  Chloe was kind enough to share her sherbet with some carolers.

She was also kind enough to take a picture with her mother on our favorite bench (unlike SOME little boys I know).

We just checked on the kids and they are out cold at 8:30pm.  Success! 

Merry Christmas!

3 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

NO WAY! your kids are all asleep? i am going to be up all night waiting for mine to fall asleep and then up before them making magic happen. such a fun excursion. wwii santa...awesome.

Nicole said...

I love that store front in your first photo. Nostalgia! I hope YOU have a Merry Christmas, too. Thanks for keeping me entertained with your blog all year. Unlike SOME sisters... :)

KQ said...

That place is awesome! Hope you had a merry Christmas!