Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tell me you like my hat!

I know I should probably blog about our lovely Christmas day, but I didn't get any good pictures of the happiness.  I take the worst pictures, ever, of Christmas morning.  Every year.  The worst.  Everyone's dreams came true, we enjoyed the Christmas program at church, we had a delicious dinner with wonderful friends.  God bless us, everyone!

The only thing the kids were bummed about was the lack of snow.  This morning they woke up and went straight to the t.v. to play video games.  I came in a half hour later and asked if they had looked outside.  SNOW!!! 

We got dressed and played in it all morning, knowing it would be gone by noon. Snow here is awesome that way.

Good thing we got so many sweet hats for Christmas, eh?  Guess where this one came from?

Try not to be jealous of the sock monkey hat my sister-in-law, Amy, sent me.

You can be jealous of Miles' lion hat, also courtesy of Amy.

Miles tried sledding once and only once.

I'm always so unprepared for the first snowfall of the season.  Memo to me: buy waterproof gloves and boots for kids.

I'm SO GLAD they had something fun to do today, because I'm out of Fun Mom steam.  Jeff went back to work today so I'm on my own again.  Here's hopin' we all make it to 2012 alive!

5 Wisecracks:

KQ said...

The kids' hats are really cute, but yours is the best! It takes someone special to pull off the sock monkey hat look. :)

Nicole said...

Oh, man! I so hear you. About the Christmas morning pictures (no light! NO LIGHT!) and no more Fun Mom steam. But you got SNOW! You can be glad of that. (The hats look awesome.)

Jess said...

Love the hats! As much as I love the sock monkey hat, I really like Chloe's panda bear hat. So cute! I am trying to decide which poorly taken Christmas pictures I want to share. But then again, my pictures never look as good as yours year-round. :)

elizabeth said...

Great picture of the snowball!

kenzie said...

Yeah, sledding is a nice idea, but when actually put into action, there's nothing but tears to show for it.
Gabriel lost a boot when we took him sledding a few days ago. And that was that.
Cute hats; I AM jealous.