Saturday, March 24, 2012

Down on the Farm with Grandma

One of my favorite Spring activities here in St. Louis is the Springtime Village at Purina Farms.  On Wednesday we took Patti to opening day of the extravaganza.  We started with the petting zoo where Chloe milked a cow and the boys fed a pig.

Then we fought our way through the crowd and found a seat at the dog show.

This woman and her dog are the frisbee dog champions of the world (and probably the universe).  She was pretty awesome.

Patti seemed to enjoy it, but Miles was unimpressed.

After the dog show we headed to the barn with the rope swings, tunnels, corn boxes (like sandboxes, but with corn) and old ladies dressed as bunnies holding baby animals.
Minus the humiliating uniform, it seems like a pretty sweet gig.

Everyone waited patiently for the next hay ride to come.  When the tractor pulled up, Miles yelled, "Monster truck!"

This is how you get the best view during a hay ride, see.

The next day we had to kiss Grandma goodbye.  Chloe cried all night long because she didn't have anything to do now that Grandma is gone.  Thanks so much for coming and for filling our Spring Break with adventures!  We're looking forward to Grandma Tour 2013.

5 Wisecracks:

Mom said...

That does it - I'm coming in the spring!! This has all looked like so much fun, but I want to go to the Purina Farms in the spring! Loved the baby animals and I'm so impressed that Chloe could milk a cow! (I could never figure that out.) I'll do a different week than Patti, of course.
Sweet times.:)

melissa said...

HOORAY! That would be great, Mom! Then you could see that sometimes the weather is gorgeous and not unbearably hot (like it is when you come in the summer).

Nicole said...

Love it! That last picture is pretty much my favorite thing that I've seen. So much happiness!

Katy said...

that's adorable! I think we need to have a visit to St. Louis, Loo-ey.

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

I love your mom-in-law!! She looks like so much fun and has the best smile EVER!!