Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fancy Ladies and Their Brothers

Remember My Awesome Friend Wendy who moved to Utah last summer?  She came for a visit a couple of weeks ago, so I threw her a little Fancy Ladies' Luncheon.  Her friends were invited to come and be fancy for the afternoon.

It was great to get together and catch up.
Mandi and Nora were the fanciest.  Mandi wore a broach, for cryin' outloud!  Nora literally wore fancy pants, which is how she earned her new nickname.

Beth, Mandi, Melissa, and Wendy saying goodbye all over again.
Wendy did me the honor of taking one of her famous hold-the-camera-out-in-front-of-you pictures.  Do you see how she looks lovely and I look weird.  If I were Harrison, I would declare that unfair.

The only sad part about our Fancy Ladies' Luncheon is that Chloe wasn't able to come because she was at school.  She spent the day begging me to have it later and even afterward went on and on about how she wished she could have been there.  I promised her that when Grandma came to town, we could have a fancy lunch and she could invite her friend Natalie.  After checking her busy schedule, Natalie informed us that she wouldn't be able to make it to a lunch party, but that she could squeeze us in for snack time.

Natalie and her brother, Nolan, arrived right on time Tuesday afternoon and Chloe immediately asked them to sign in.  Natalie looked at her and said, "Let me go ask my mom if it's okay."  And she left.

I asked Nolan if he was going to join us for snack time and he said, "I thinnnnkkk I am.  Let me go ask my mom."  And he left.

When they both returned (with Mom's permission) I told them to have a seat at the table.  Then I placed a fancy plate of food in front of them.  Natalie looked at it and said, "Let me ask my mom if I can have a snack here."  As she dashed out the door, Chloe yelled after her "Of course you can!  THAT'S WHY YOU'RE HERE!"

Harrison agreed to be fancy and use his cloth napkin, but he was done before Natalie and Nolan started.
After the kids finally started eating, Nolan announced that he had to go home and use the bathroom.  We explained that we, too, have a bathroom.  No dice.

Miles woke up from his nap and sleepily went straight to the table and started eating my snack.  Someone needs to learn to ask his mom first.

5 Wisecracks:

Christine said...

Your daughter's fancy party review hit the spot in our lab this afternoon. Your children and neighbor's children are HILARIOUS!

Oh and that picture of the four of you lovely ladies has me tilting my head at the computer now!

Heather said...

Lol. Man, this post was awesome and probably gave me new crows feet from smiling. :) That's a lot of fancy fun going on!

The Reiersens said...

That was such a lovely afternoon. Thank you for the honor of attending such a glorious occassion!....and Kylie is still talking about your backyard. It took me 15 minutes just to get her to the car!

Wendy said...

definitely the highlight of my trip! And was it me posing in that picture or am I really that delightful?? Good times. Thanks friend!!

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

How fun!! Makes me want to have a fancy tea party. :)