Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chloe's Best Day, Ever

Last night as Chloe was getting ready for bed, she declared yesterday the Best Day, Ever.  Then she told me all about it.
"First, Grandma was here!  Then, we went to the Magic House!"

We started in the art room.  (My personal favorite.)
We each made a self-portrait.
I added my new glasses to my self-portrait so Jeff could see what I will look like when they come in tomorrow.
This is Patti's new Facebook profile picture.  We saw a lot of other cool stuff, too.  Patti had been to The Magic House before, but she had never seen any of the stations we took her to.  That's the magic of The Magic House.

"Then," Chloe continued, "we went to the lake and had a picnic for lunch!"
Grandma tried to tempt Miles with a carrot so he could get a cookie.  He decided it would be easier to cry for ten minutes.

Miles and his victory cookie.  He ate a carrot after all, so secretly it was a victory for Mommy.

Afterwards we played on the playground and I caught Harrison smiling naturally.  Another victory for Mommy!

"Then, after the playground we had our fancy snack party!"  (That's a separate post, so moving on . . .)

"Then we went to Fitz' for dinner and Ted Drewes for dessert!"
I didn't get any pictures of Fitz'.  That was where we were reminded why we never take the kids out to eat.  But the food was good and now Grandma has more street cred because she's been to the Delmar Loop.

Ted Drewes is a frozen custard stand on Route 66.  It's one of those things St. Louisians like to brag about that really isn't that great.  (Like Imo's pizza and Gus' pretzels.)  Don't get me wrong.  It's good.  But it's no Goodberry's Frozen Custard.

Jeff finally got in on the Grandma tour fun.  Work is lame.

Right after this is where Jeff started making Harrison faces and not-so-kindly asked me to stop taking pictures of him.

"It was just the BEST DAY, EVER!"
(No pressure, Today.)


5 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

Can I come for a grandma tour? You totally provide, man. It looks like ne awesome day after another.
Your new glasses really enhance the shape of your face;)

Christine said...

Did you seriously just diss all of my St. Louis foods?!?! Let me say, I think that Imo's is an acquired taste (I hated it when I moved here at the age of 10), but now there are days when I want nothing but cheese that sticks to my teeth! Gus's pretzel's...well, I will always love a soft pretzel I can buy at at stop sign! Ted Drewes, is lovely! Oh and you forgot my favorite St. Louis food, toasted ravioli!!!

Nicole said...

You're getting glasses?!

This is my favorite kind of post. You really get out there and DO stuff. And bonus photo of Harrison smiling. Perfect!

melissa said...

Christine, yeah I said it! I promise you that Goodberry's beats Ted Drewes. I only had Imo's once, but that was enough. I'll take Auntie Anne's Pretzels over guy on the highway pretzels any day of the week. But you are correct that toasted ravioli is divine. I made sure Patti tried that last time she was here. And Pappy's.

Christine said...

Oh I forgot about Pappy's! I'll have to try this Goodberry's some time! I personally prefer ice cream to custard, but the 11pm stops at Ted Drewes in the sleet our first year of marriage endeared the place to me forever!