Monday, March 19, 2012

Boldly Going Where No Grandma Has Gone Before

We're the last leg on Jeff's mom's Grandma Tour 2012.  Patti spends a few days each spring visiting all of her grandkids and I asked if she was having fun.  She said she was, but she has to downplay the fun so that Pops doesn't feel left out.  So whatever you do, DON'T TELL POPS WE WENT TO THE STAR TREK EXHIBIT AT THE SCIENCE CENTER TODAY.

He would be heartbroken if he knew we got to see so many original costumes and uniforms from every Star Trek series and movie.  If he knew we got to see huge (like, size of my house huge) models of the Starship Enterprise, he would be really bummed.  Never tell him that we saw original props like tricorders and communicators and Klingon weapons.  Definitely don't tell him we got to sit on the bridge and say "Engage."

Whatever you do, don't tell Pops that we got to take a picture on the Transporter that looks like we're being beamed up.

Don't tell him we sat in Captain Kirk's chair and that there was a whole gift shop full of Tribbles and t-shirts. 
Also, it's probably best if you not mention that (having never seen so much as an episode of Star Trek) the kids were bored out of their minds because they had no idea what they were looking at.  Whatever, kids.  Grandma and I had the best time, ever, but we wished Pops could have been there. 

Mum's the word.

9 Wisecracks:

Wendy said...

nicely done. I won't say a word...except TRICORDERS!! That was the name!

Sally said...

What a blast....and from the to speak! Glad you and Patti are having fun. I miss you Patti!!!!

elizabeth said...

So fun!! Patti is the best! p.s. love your header picture.

Mom said...

The people you shouldn't tell are Rob and Dad. I didn't even think about the little guys not having a clue about Star Trek. Definitely a blast from the past.
So jealous of Patti's grandma tour!

allyn said...

I have been wondering for quite some time how best to introduce star trek to my children. It is a bit deep for them, I think. Star wars is silly dialogue and fancy footwork. Star trek is in depth dialogue (in the next generation) and not so fancy footwork. I just don't think they would get it. Perhaps I should give them more credit.
That would have been an awesome museum tour. Bummer the kids didn't know how awesome it was. H looks pretty commanding in the head chair.

melissa said...

Harrison sat through the first hour of the pilot. It was all talky-talky. Then they took 20 minutes to separate the saucer section from the battle bridge. Not exactly riveting for an eight-year-old.

Mom, don't worry. I made sure to not tell Rob all about it on Facebook. Mwahahahaha

Amy Maxwell said...

Notice that Mom goes to visit the grandkids. Yeah, I'm not bitter.

melissa said...

I was thinking about that, Amy. She rarely saw Jeff. It made me realize that in the future I'll be spending my time with Harrison's wife and children.

The Reiersens said...

Seriously, they had a gift shop for it?!? Man, now I wish I had gone!! ...Awesome pics!!