Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Week of Summer

We've had a lot of fun this week.  To spare your Google Readers, I decided to try out Picmonkey's new collage feature.  I used to make collages.  A lot.  Not digitally, but for real.  Every time I went anywhere special, I had to save ticket stubs and napkins and such "for the collage."  Although I miss the scissors and glue, digital collages can be fun, too.  (That's a little poem I just came up with.  I hope you liked it.)

The kids completed a year of school!  Woohoo!  The tradition on the last day of school here is to have a party on the blacktop known as the "Blacktop Ball."  Chloe was very excited to attend her first ball.  Although there is a DJ and dancing, this ball is more about signing t-shirts, eating snow-cones, and losing hard in hula hoop contests.

My little cub scout is such a goofball (unless I want to take a picture of him alone).  He did a great job in his den's skit where he acted as announcer and spooky skeleton.  He also earned his Wolf, his religious square knot, and three arrowheads.  After a year of scouts, I almost know what the heck that means.

After two years of looking longingly at the neighborhood pool every time we drove by it, we finally got a pool membership.  It opened today and it is pretty freakin' awesome.  It's going to be 100 degrees tomorrow.  In May.  I hate the weather here, but I heart the pool.

4 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

The Blacktop Ball! What a fun way to end the school year! Congrats to Harrison and his cub scout awards. Well done! I'm so excited about your pool membership! It was my sanity saver every summer, and the kids had fun too. Win-win!

KQ said...

Good times. We just joined the pool too. We will live there. :)

Jess said...

Okay, I love your collages! :) I tried doing some, but I got frustrated pretty quick with Picasa's preset collage settings. Is PicMonkey easier?

allyn said...

LOVE the blacktop ball tradition. So much better than a so-called field day where everything costs money. Also, harrison cracks me up.
I'm so glad that awesome looking pool isn't another freebee in st. Louis. Have a blast!!