Monday, May 7, 2012

Sonuvagun, Gonna Have Some Fun on the Bayou

Saturday we spent a sweaty afternoon at the home of one of Jeff's coworkers.  They invited 100 of their closest friends over for a Louisiana crayfish boil.  I'd never had crayfish before, but we're big fans of Cajun food and zydeco music and sweating.  Woohoo!

Here the cook prepares the crayfish.  Mmmmmm.

Then everything from the pot is dumped onto a table and everyone digs in like a bunch of savages.

Harrison was brave enough to try one.

Surprisingly tasty.

Creepy little guys, aren't they?  It takes a lot of work to peel one and by the time you're done, you get a teaspoon of meat that tastes similar to shrimp.  That's cool, I guess.

Did I mention it was so hot that day?  Some of us endured it well.

 . . . and some did not.  Chloe's a delicate flower.  She kept requesting cold drinks and servants to fan her with palm fronds.

Good times.

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Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! Why am I laughing so hard? Chloe IS a delicate flower. I love that Jeff doesn't even look sweaty. One of my platform issues is food that is too much work for too little pay off. Crayfish will be added to this list. (So far, corn on the cob, plain bagels, crab legs, chicken wings.)

Great photos, as always.

(I was secretly coming here to marvel that you watched Mr. Poppers Penguins. I think that's a pretty small club, man.)

Mom said...

I never knew you were such a fan of Cayjun food and zydeco music! You'd have to be a fan of sweating to live in NC and St. Louis. Very hilarious, but it looks like a fun experience.

KQ said...

You weren't kidding about the sweating!

Patti said...

What a blast! I noticed that Chloe had nary a hair out of place and wasn't even glistening. It must have been all the palm frond fanning. The food looked fabulous. Cudos to Harrison for giving it a try. Bon apetit!

Jess said...

Doesn't the seasoning just burn your lips? Especially with the potatoes. It takes courage to try such creepy little creatures- way to go!

allyn said...

We were wondering if h had gotten a cooler of Gatorade dumped over his head after his big basketball win, but I guess that was the sweat you were referring to. Crayfish? C'mon. Crab is much more worth it. Next time sweat really hard at a crab boil.
Super funtimes