Monday, June 4, 2012

She Whips Her Hair Back and Forth

On Saturday Chloe performed in her dance showcase.  "Showcase" is code for: way shorter and much less hassle than last year's recital.  This performance was just for the younger dance classes.  They got to wear their favorite dance outfit (instead of a ridiculous costume that cost way too much) and parents could record and take pictures (instead of buying professional videos and photos).  It was awesome. 

Chloe's class has been working on this routine for months and every time they do it, it gets more out of control.  It makes me laugh every time.

So, three people made My List that evening.  Numbers 1 and 2: the two goons who showed up late for the show and walk in front of the camera at minute 1:30.  Number 3: The genius who decided to put pigtails in all of the girls' hair after parents were instructed to leave hair down.  I could have made super cute pigtails, for crying out loud.

Daddy showed up with flowers.  Best day ever.

Harrison showed up with his over-the-moon face.  Still her best day ever.

This is Chloe's gorgeous dance teacher Miss Monica, and her classmate Emmi.  Chloe tells me she wants to be a ballet teacher when she grows up. 

We're so proud of our pretty ballerina.

8 Wisecracks:

elizabeth said...

I feel that my comments will best be made numerically.
1. Greatest dance routine ever! 2. I love Harrison's face. 3. Her teacher is tooooo pretty, do you ever wonder about the equity of beauty and talent distribution? Life seems unfair. 4. Way to go Jeff for bringing flowers. 5. Jim has a new friend Jeff, but his name is spelled Geoff. 6. I wish that leaping lizards was a reference to Annie.

elizabeth said...

7. Chloe is a beautiful ballerina with some fancy braid work.

Emily said...

Our sound isn't hooked up to the CPU, and watching that muted is pretty funny. Way to go Chloe. And way to go Melissa. You are the best fun mom ever!

Patti said...

Too bad Chloe couldn't whip her hair because someone put pigtails in it. Yet she still made it work. Great job Chloe!

allyn said...

Most annoying song ever recorded award goes to willow smith. Cutest ballerina trying to dance to most annoying song ever recorded award goes to Chloe. I say trying only because it is hard not to have a seizure while listening. Hilarious picture of Harrison. He gets me every time.
Chloe has ne of the sweetest faces ever.

KQ said...

I'm still laughing. That was so cute! And Harrison's face...killer!

Nicole said...

Something about Daddy's getting flowers for their daughters at the dance recital makes me cry. I'm pretty easy that way, though. Good thing Harrison was there to bring the B. A. Barakus! (You know, the A-Team.)

Chloe is such a cute little dancer! She was totally doing it!

Amy Maxwell said...

Best dad ever!!!