Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grant's Farm with the Fam

Yesterday morning was kind of crazy.  The kind where you want to call it a day and head to bed by 11am.  Miles threw up three times at the library (including once on my new shoes).  On our way out of the library, a rainstorm came out of nowhere and soaked us all through.  That was right about the time that Jeff called to say he was going to take a night shift for a coworker and he wouldn't be home until the next morning.  The good news is that I had all of the ingredients for snickerdoodles on hand.  I don't know how many cookies I ate yesterday, but it was a lot. 

The other good news is that because he worked all night, Jeff got the day off.  He was able to join us for his first trip to Grant's Farm this afternoon.  I've told you about Grant's Farm before, but just to refresh your memory: you ride on a tram and see animals and then you spend an hour listening to your kids beg you for sno-cones and at the end you get a free beer. 

Chloe decided she wanted to spend her own money on a bottle of milk for the baby goats.  I dragged her kicking and screaming into the goat pen.  A swarm of goats jumped on her and started eating her skirt and I had to lead them away by feeding them the bottle myself.  We made our way out of the pen and that's when she told me she had wanted to feed the goats from the outside of the pen.  (Worst.  Mom.  Ever.)  I got her a new bottle and the tears subsided, but I think the emotional wounds will take a while to heal.

I'm glad Jeff was there to ride the carousel.  Those always make me feel woozy.

We made it just in time for the animal show.  The birds were pretty amazing, but the rat race gives me the shivers every time.  (See in the top right corner where the rat is running from one end of the girl's arm to the other end of the other girl's arm?  No thanks.)  The White Sox' mascot, South Paw, was there to add to the fun with his not talking and shaking his head in mock self-deprecation.  Silly mascots!

Harrison decided to spend his own money on a sno-cone.

This is when Miles learned that no one was buying him a sno-cone.  (This one's for you, Nicole.  Jeff thinks I'm the worst for taking pictures of our kids like this.  He doesn't understand me the way you do.)

It was nice to get out of the house for the afternoon.  And no one vomited on my shoes, so I'd call that a successful outing. 

4 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

There are many things about being a mom that I miss, but vomit in any form is not one of them. Good, valiant mom! That totally makes up for the Chloe/goat/bottle thing.I hope you were able to clean your new shoes up as good as new. And the rat race? Who thinks of those things?! *shiver* Other than that,it looks like you had a lovely day with the fam at the farm.

Jess said...

Funny kids. How dare you use her bottle of milk?!? :) That park sounds awesome. I envy St. Louis having everything for free. I also envy your snickerdoodles. Mmmm...

Nicole said...

We are twisted sisters - I was laughing before I even saw that the photo of Miles was for ME! And how awful are you for throwing Chloe into a goat pen?! Hahahahahaha! I can't even imagine the hysterics Bridget would be in if I did that.

Sorry about the puke shoes. So gross.

The Reiersens said...

I take pictures of my kids screaming too so that when they are older, I can show them how hard mothering them was. Now that would be a good abstinence lesson! Haha!