Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beach Blast 2012: Week Two

Yesterday was my birthday.  I told Jeff that what I really wanted was to be able to sit down and finally finish editing all of my vacation pictures so I could get them on the blog and have closure on our trip.  (You know you're a grown up when you ask for "closure" for your birthday.)  It's taken me a very, very long time.  Every half hour, or so, I'd yell over to Jeff, "Why do I take so many pictures?!"  I'm sure I'll appreciate it later.

Jeff's parents rent a beach house nearly every summer and they always schedule Beach Week for the first week of July.  When they heard that my family had scheduled their reunion for that same week, Jeff's parents moved the Maxwell beach trip to the following week.  It was such a blessing to not have to share the week with both families.  I'm grateful to have such accommodating in-laws, including Jeff's siblings who never complained about the change.  Thanks, guys!
So, after a week in a beautiful beach house on Topsail Island, we moved down the street and spent a week in a beautiful beach house on Topsail Island.  I got a little teary eyed when we first stepped into the second house and I could see the ocean out of my backdoor.  My life is pretty awesome.
(Speaking of pretty awesome . . .)
We loved being with our family and watching all the kids play together.  The older kids played on the beach all day . . .

. . . and the younger kids played games, all sorts. 

They pretended to play one board game after another until all of the pieces were mixed up.  Now Pops and Patti can only play The Game of CrainiumSorryPitMadGab-opoly with what's left.

Miles spent most of his time with Bradley and Nathan.  I found them at the back door like this and decided it was more important to take a picture than to let them inside.  Nathan disagreed.

We grown ups did our share of playing, too!

I was thinking of having an entire post entitled "Weird Things Pops Does When I Turn a Camera on Him."

We had such a great time playing with The Maxwell's!

The end.

7 Wisecracks:

Amy Maxwell said...

Wait. What? When did Ted catch a fish?

Amy Maxwell said...

And these are AWESOME by the way!

KQ said...

So now I've gone to wishing I was a Lee to wishing I was a Maxwell. :) Love all the great pictures!

allyn said...

Totally Awesome pictures. I hope it was a fulfilling birthday for you! Your work is beautiful...

melissa said...


@Amy, Ted found that on the ground. If you look closely, you can see that it's already been fileted.

Amy Maxwell said...

Why, yes it has! Gross!!

Patti said...

You completely captured the fabulous fun! I realized I was smiling like an idiot from beginning to Trent's darling little end. Well done!