Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beating the Heat at Busch Stadium

Once again this year our kids won tickets to a Cardinal's game through the library summer reading program.  I know that reading is important, but secretly the only reason we do the summer reading program is so that we can go to a Cardinal's game every year.  Don't judge.  The Cards are awesome.

The Cardinals were playing the Dodgers and that evening the temperature reached 104 degrees.  Thank you, Ice Mountain, for providing free ice water!

Our seats weren't together, so we divided up the boys and the girl.
This was the day Chloe and the neighbor girl decided to play beauty parlor.  This picture was taken before I had a chance to fix it by evening out her bangs so they are all the same length.  So now her bangs are super short and she looks like Kitty from "Father Knows Best."  Which is fine, because now whenever I look at her I'm reminded of simpler times.

The boys sat together, but Miles was upset because he couldn't find me (two rows behind him).
(It looks like he's looking at me, but he still can't find me.  Maybe it's time to get his eyes checked.)

I think we spent more time out of our seats than we did watching the game.  We followed a strict pattern of ice water, watch game, eat popcorn, go to the bathroom, ice water, watch game, eat popcorn, go to the bathroom, etc.  Sometimes we'd switch things up and stop at this misting station.

The Cardinals lost, but we made it through the whole game and Harrison seemed more interested in the game than in eating treats, so we're calling it a victory.

4 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

Wow! We just did 104 in DC. 104 is HOT, HOT, HOT! I'm very impressed you guys made it through the game. A victory indeed! And I love the first picture. It captures the spirit of St. Louis. Wait. Wasn't that the name of Lindbergh's plane? Well, how about that? Good luck with the bangs.

Mallen said...

I love baseball but you guys are super fans for being there in such hot weather. Glad you are teachign your kids to like baseball. If only they were Braves fans.

The photo of Jeff trying to show Miles where you are is hilarious.

Jen said...

The bangs are sweet! That girl is adorable no matter what her hair looks like. I love the pic of Miles looking for you because secretly H is checking in, too :). 104+baseball= no way for me, but you make it look awesome.

The Reiersens said...

Oh man, I played beauty salon with my cousin when I was a kid. Trust me, Chloe looks way cuter in short bangs than my cousin did!
You Maxwells crack me up. I miss you!