Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mormon Mardi Gras

Last week Chloe was supposed to go on her first 1st grade field trip of the year to Eckert's Apple Orchard in Millstadt, IL.  Her class had been learning about apples for the past few weeks, so they were all pretty excited to go apple picking.  On the morning of the field trip, it was pouring rain outside.  The kids were so disappointed.  Imagine a room full of crying, sad faced first graders.  Are you imagining it?  Pretty sad, right?  I told Chloe I would make it up to her by declaring last Friday Apple Day.  I may have overcompensated on that one, especially since they rescheduled the field trip for the very next week.

Apple Day consisted of me peeling and chopping apples all day long while this girl happily ate my apple dip, sausage and apple quiche, and apple crisp.  I nearly lost a finger.

Yesterday, I followed a school bus through scary East St. Louis and met up with Chloe's class at Eckert's Apple Orchard for the rescheduled field trip.
Eva, Taryn, Maggie, Zoe and Chloe.  Maggie's mom and I took care of everyone but Eva.  (Who knows who took care of that girl.)
Hey, you know what kids like?  Kids like when you take them to a place with fun rides and snacks and then you tell them that they aren't allowed to go on any rides or buy any snacks.  It's pretty much their favorite.  (Take note, fun moms!)
The first thing we did was sit down on some hay and watch a pig race.  Do you think other cultures would think that was weird?  Maggie had a loose tooth.  It was a constant concern of hers that day.
The blue pig won every race.  It was totally rigged.
Zoe and Maggie found the pig race thrilling, while Taryn and Chloe found it mildly amusing.

Remember Eva?  You know, from four pictures ago?  Well, the first time I met Eva's dad, he went on and on about how tall Zoe was.  I had never met Zoe, so . . . it was weird.  He's right, though.  Zoe's as tall as a cow.
Can you tell what this is?  The kids are all lined up at the top of the hill to go down the underground slide.  That makes me feel scared inside, but not Chloe.
Harrison had really talked up this corn maze.  He remembered it well from when he was in first grade.  Chloe was 100% convinced that she would get lost in this maze and we'd never hear from her again.
Chloe found her bestie, Natalie, while we were waiting for the wagon to take us to the orchard.  Friendship!
Chloe and Taryn enjoying the wagon ride.
The main event! 
Here Maggie and Chloe compare loose teeth.
Here I'm dropping some apple wisdom on Chloe.  BAM!
What fun to get to spend the day with my sweet little girl! 

5 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

The field trip sounded really fun, but Apple Day at your house sounded heavenly. I think I'm going to declare an Apple Day myself!

Chris, Linzi. and Samantha said...

Who knew you could do so many things with apples?! Did any of them loose their teeth biting into the crisp fruit?

Nicole said...

A tunnel slide INSIDE a hill? Not in a million years. Chloe is super brave. And tall. You should start opening friendships with that information.

Hats off to all the apple stuff at your house! Domestic goddess. :)

Emily said...

I just love that when you drop apple wisdom it makes a bam sound. It really makes me happy.

flavialou said...

Good on ya for instituting Applepalooza 2012! I'm impressed. ...But if you really want to keep making up for lost opportunities, you know what you gotta do: next Friday, pony rides at your house. :)

-Emily Golden*

*Who sometimes goes by Flavia Lou. The Emily thing is a little overdone. Was gonna change my name to Live-Laugh-Love, but then that became really popular, too.