Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lion, the Glampire, and the Demi-god

Last Saturday was our church's annual fall festival.  The kids wear their Halloween costumes and then people give them candy for accurately using their gross motor skills.

Here Chloe is tossing pennies in a bucket.  ("PENNY CAN!")  Doesn't she make a pretty vampire?  She said she wanted to be something scary, but pretty.  So we went with glampire.
Miles played this fun game where he gets a lollipop, unwraps it, takes two licks, and then gives it to Mom or Dad.  I think Jeff beat me 5 lollipops to 2.

Harrison is a big kid now, so he helps out at the fishing hole and refuses to be a part of the costume parade.  I didn't get any awesome pictures of his costume, but I liked this one a lot:
Percy Jackson and Harry Potter had better watch out.  It looks like Supergirl is on the rampage.
I love when they get something other than candy.  Miles got angry any time we tried to put his crazy glasses in his treat bag.  "It not candy!"
So Jeff had to wear them.
Glampires like baseball, too.  (Go Cards!)
Did I mention the lollipops?
Chloe continued her feats of strength at the pumpkin roll where she competed against Phinneas, Iron Man, an Egyptian goddess, Minnie Mouse, Snow White and White Erkel.
Get candy!  Get candy!  Get candy!
She's so pretty, and yet I feel a little scared inside when I look at her.  Nailed it.
Something about the way Kari-lynn was standing there made me laugh.  Like she was out shopping with Captain America and he asked if she would hold his shield while he tried on some clothes.
Also, there were lollipops.
And at the end of the day, it was nice to sit down and throw back a few cold ones with my lion cub.

10 Wisecracks:

Wendy said...

Lollipops. I think Alison could eat her weight in lollipops, and then sucks the stick for five minutes and then gives me the wet, sloppy stick. Cute cute kids. Are they still doing it at Meacham Park? Chloe did look beautifully scary. Alison is going to be a lions like those?

Nicole said...

Hahahahahahaha! "White Erkel." I think the kids call that guy Nerd nowadays. I wonder what flavor Miles the Lion was searching for? :)

Patti said...

Still laughing at the Kari-lynn out shopping with Captain America thing. Hoo boy. That really tickled my funny bone. *wiping tears from the eyes* And the lollipops. And the funny glasses on Jeff. And the rampaging Supergirl. And Chloe nailing the pretty but scary thing. And the lollipops.

melissa said...

Wendy, Meacham Park was already booked, so we had it at the "where the heck is that i've never heard of it" park.

KQ said...

Cute, cute, funny stuff, Man!

Chris, Linzi. and Samantha said...

I am sorry but did I just read correctly that meacham park was booked? What? By who the drug lord?! It looked as awesome as ever though and I love your kids expressions!

Christine said...

It was booked by a political rally. I was tempted to run over and see what kind =)

Chloe definitely nailed the pretty but scary!

elizabeth said...

Chloe looked beautiful!! Did Harrison wear that lion costume when he was little or did I imagine that? You always make me laugh especially about the shield today!

melissa said...

Liz, Harrison did wear that lion costume. Miles is my favorite person to dress for Halloween, because I give him a hand-me-down and tell him he's wearing it.

allyn said...

glampira is so well-rounded. she's social, athletic, and wicked beautiful.
what a great idea to have this shindig during the daylight hours. we have to have ours in the dark and my pictures are LAME.
looks like it was a fun time. thanks for making me laugh really hard. you should write my blog for me. it would be much more interesting.