Thursday, November 1, 2012


"Well, another Halloween and we're all a year older."  That's my favorite line from Meet Me in St. Louis.

This year Harrison went as Percy Jackson.  He looks really angry here, but he was just in character.  Percy's got a lot of issues.
I was so excited when he said who he wanted to be because the costume was so simple.  A t-shirt, a sword, and a necklace.  Done.  (Except that I had to make it all myself and it ended up costing twice as much as the other costumes.  Waht waaaaaa.)  Harrison accidentally left his sword on someones porch while we were trick-or-treating.  When we went back for it, it was gone.  I was probably more upset than he was.  (I painted that thing myself, for crying out loud!) 
I also painted those beads.  That's why they get a closeup.
I've mentioned before that it's tradition in St. Louis for kids to tell jokes during trick-or-treating.  Jeff made up this joke for Harrison:
What animal talks the most? 
A chatterpillar!

Here's Chloe's vampire, again.  I told her this is how evil people stand.  I searched all over for vampire teeth, but apparently stores think Halloween is over by October 29th.  Luckily, she got some teeth at her class Halloween party.
Here's Chloe's joke:
What is a spider's favorite website? 
The world-wide web!
This kid was killing me with his cuteness last night.  When someone would answer the door, he'd start yapping.  "Trick or treat!  I a LION!  Roar!  Pretend I'm a nice lion, okay?  I SO need 10 pieces of candy!  Ten.  Pieces.  Roar!  Thank you.  Happy Halloween!"  One lady was giving out "treasures" (plastic jewelry) and Miles walked away from her door yelling, "Daddy, that house didn't have ANY candy!  No candy!  The candy was ALL GONE!"  At one house, they opened the door and he just yelled "LION!"

Jeff and I think the whole joke telling tradition is kind of lame.  Some kids get really into it and enjoy it, but not ours.  It makes trick-or-treating last FOREVER and our kids get super nervous telling jokes to strangers.  (No future stand-up comedians in this house.)  That's why we loved Miles' joke the best:
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Dup who?

(Ha!  He's not a part of your system!)
Happy Halloween!

7 Wisecracks:

Nicole said...

Evil people DO stand that way. Nice research. Just the pictures of Miles are making me smile. He tells jokes, too? "Poop!" is the best punchline no matter the joke. Ten pieces of candy for him! (Did everyone know who Harrison was? I've never read Percy Jackson.)

KQ said...

2 questions...
#1- Was Chloe able to talk with those giant vampire teeth in her mouth? Ha! They are awesome!
#2- How could you NOT have a stand up comedian for a kid?
Well...I guess Miles counts. Poop is always the best joke.

melissa said...

Nicole, Percy Jackson is the main character in a series of books that everyone his age has read. The kids and I have read a couple of them. They combine modern characters with Greek gods. Good stuff.

KQ, Chloe took the teeth out after the second house. Too much work.

Shauna said...

Awesomeness! Great costumes, terrific pictures and adorable kids! We miss y'all!
p.s. I think you should post LOST SWORD fliers around and offer a candy reward! :)

Patti said...

I was mourning the loss of your amazing sword so I think Shauna is on to something. I would love seeing LOST SWORD fliers pop up all over my neighborhood. Except for someone snatching the sword, it sounds like you can count this one as a happy Halloween.

melissa said...

He found the sword! He went back to the house and it was on the porch. I guess he just couldn't see it in the dark.

The Reiersens said...

Cool costumes! I totally agree with the joke telling thing! Just give the kids some candy and let's move on! We always got stuck behind some kid who was stumbling through an hour long joke! :)