Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank Heaven She's Seven

Sweet Chloe Belle turned seven on November 8th.  She's kind of delightful.  Any time someone asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she'd say "Nothing."  It's true.  She wants nothing.  I don't know about you, but I have a list of things that would make my life better.  Not Chloe.  She's truly content.  I find her attitude refreshing and inspiring and a real blessing to our lives and our bank account. 

In addition to being easy to please, Chloe is beautiful, kind, honest, and sweet.  She's a good friend, a fast learner, and a great reader.  She's willing to try things that scare her, except drugs.  She says no to drugs.  She loves to dance and play the piano and continues to do well in both.  I can always count on Chloe to play with her brothers or help me with my work.  I know I'm just tempting fate by putting her awesomeness in writing.  She'll probably make up for these years by being a scary teenager.  But I wanted her to know how grateful we are to have her in our family.
Here's to her bright future!

4 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

Just lovely - the comments, the pictures, the girl. *sniff*

Jess said...

What a sweet girl! I think sometimes Heavenly Father gives us one easy child to help us be willing to have another. :p Or maybe just make this parenting thing a tad easier.
Also, the pictures are terrific.

Nicole said...

Beautiful post. Chloe is such a peaceful child. Fingers crossed that she won't be a scary teenager. She won't.

allyn said...

i have been wondering how it is that you got this sweet angel. not that you were a hard child, but what did i do that i got 6 crazies? they are all fun in their own ways, and are all loved, but a peaceful, easy-going child would be fantastic!

love that beautiful chloe, i mean chloe "beautiful". right, that was a play on words, but it wasn't funny. sorry