Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yellow Snow (the good kind)

This is my neighbor's ginkgo tree.  Every autumn we look forward to the day when all of its yellow leaves fall off at once.  It's like watching yellow snow fall.  (But not the yellow snow you're thinking of.)  It covers everything on the ground so the kids can make leaf angels.

Then when they get tired of that, they have leafball fights with the neighbor kids.


4 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

What fun! We used to have lots of yellow leaves in the backyard but they didn't all come down at once.
It reminded me of Lothlorien, so that was kind of cool, but no yellow snow (the good kind)!

Katy said...

Aren't you lucky to live in your favorite city?

Metta said...

One of my favorite leaf shapes ever. ever.

Sarah said...

Wait a it the ginkgo tree that also drops berries? really smelly berries that my children and I affectionately call pooh-berries?! Just checking.